Monday, May 5, 2008

The Dumbest Thing AKA For Shame Myspace Users.

Why is it that when someone creates a bulliten on myspace to spread awareness about something that's always the one that's most likely to go stagnant. But, if it's a chain letter it's gets passed around quicker then herpes at a whore convention. Yet it's chain letters that people bitch about most. Very odd. Also very disconcerting.

I just created two bullitens about the plight of the Burmese people, one's a fake chain letter and the other one just shows two of the ads for Burma that Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey did and pleads with people to pass it around and sign the petition......hmmm...I wonder which one will be passed around more or at all?

So here's my fake chain letter, you can use it if you want to and make a bulletin on your myspace or face book or bebo or whatever it is that you use and please, please help spread awareness and garner support for the people of Burma. Besides, I want to know how many people we can trick with the chain letter anyways.

Since you have started reading this you must now participate in the chain letter and keep it going or you will have bad luck forever, your dog will die, your lover will turn gay and leave you to do broadway musicals, and your credit will go to shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just pick something out of each catagory that describes you and pass on this bulliten on as "I'm a *blank blank blank* fighter!!!!!" and exactly five seconds after you do, something good will happen to you. ^_^

Attitude:Black hearted - I don't care about the state of Burma or it's people

Yellow Bellied - I'm to scared to do anything for or about Burma.

Kung fu - I will do everything I can think of to raise awareness for the Burmese people and thier plight and try to help them in whatever way possible.

Clearly confused - I didn't even know there was something wrong with Burma.

Age:Pink - 11-19 *Fact: eleven is the lowest age limit recorded of the children that have been forced to become child soldiers by Burma's military*

Green - 20-35 *Fact: Twenty percent or more of Burma's active duty soldiers may be children under the age of 18*

Blue - 36-45

Orange - 46-58

White - 59-68

Black - 69-78

Silver - 79-88

Purple - 89-98 Anything higher then that is dead to the world, lol......much like the Burmese people's freedom and human rights.

Relationship Status:Lobster - You are taken and/or are about to be married/are going to marry that person and are deeply in love.

Condom - You love someone but can't be with them yet.

Blushing - You like someone but are to shy to tell them.

Monkey - You don't want to be tied down and just want to have fun!

Hamster - You like someone but they are already taken.

Shark - you don't like anyone (kind of sounds like Burma's military)

Wilted Flower - you've just broken up.

Now the only thing left to do is to go to and sign the petition to help support Burma!! ......

Alright, I'll come clean, this isn't an actual chain letter, it's just a ploy to get you to help Burma and it's people.....and nothing bad will actually happen to you if you don't pass this on, except if you count feeling guilty because a group of people out there really needed your help and you were to lazy to go to a website and type in your name and copypaste a bulletin or read. I'm not asking you to hold a protest or send a letter to your congressman.......although you could. I'm just asking you to help spread awareness.

Why should you care right? You have your freedom and your'e safe and healthy in your home. But don't you think that with all this freedom you have, with all your freedom of expression and speech that you should use it to help people in need? I do. It's just something to think about.

"Please use your liberty to promote ours." - Aung San Suu Kyi,The world's only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient.