Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cats And Doctors! They're All Out To Get Me!

I am sick. We're not crossing into very sick territory but we are staying in pretty sick territory.

The everything aches, I can't eat, must stay warm always sick.

My friend's stupid cat bit me....I think it's because she's a bitch. I've never actually been bit by a cat before. When I have, my cat's always nipped me because I'm annoying her. This cat tried to take out a chunk to feed her babies with. I've never seen a cat bite gush blood before. Very scary looking.

I would have just waited for it to heal and done nothing but the cat's an ex stray, never got it's shots and friends of mine have continually gotten on me about possible rabies and such like that.

So because Patient First can't help me and told me to go to the ER in case I needed a rabies vaccination, I had to go to the ER with my three day old, healing nicely cat bite and my crazy friends Mr.C and TJ.

After repeating at least 5 times what happened and why exactly I felt the need to take it to the ER. I was then told that apparently you don't need to worry about cats or the rats they kill for rabies as much as you do dogs and bats. Nice way to feel stupid. Then for some reason I had to wait like twenty minutes while someone told me I had to get a Tetanus shot....and then forgot about me.

Did you know that the side effect of a Tetanus shot is a low grade fever sometimes? .....I hate cats and doctors...I think they're all in cahoots together.

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  1. Cat scratch fever? Ouch . . . I've been bitten by dogs, but not cats. Tetanus, stepped on a nail once that went straight through one of my feet while walking a black Lab. More recently, assembling an old bed frame, cut my hand -- but didn't get lock jaw. I guess it's ok. Hope you feel better.


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