Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Haunted Covered Bridges

Went ghost hunting with the boys tonight. I really am going to have to get a digicam, could have taken some damn pictures. Oh well, we're planning on going back anyway. For now you're just going to have to trust the experiences of the three pagans that went.

Went to Baltimore's version of a 'crybaby bridge'. I know every place has one, just like every place seems to have a goat man or what not or some weirdo, perverted cretin of the night that likes to scare the shit out of teens getting it on in cars.

The place that we went to is on Jericho Rd. past Putty Hill for anyone interested in checking it out. Even if you're not going for the ghost aspect of it, it's apparently ripe with history. http://www.jerusalemmill.org/index.htm

Any who we go and there were two teens in a car in front of us going the same way. I figured that they were going to stop on the bridge but apparently they just drove right on over it. We actually stopped on the bridge on the first ride over. My friend whose name I cannot spell (he shall now be referred to as Mr.C), actually has the balls to get out of the car while I try turning the lights off. The place was creepy and he was going to try and talk to the spirit(s?) there but we noticed that the first car had stopped only a little ways away and figured they needed to come back the other way. As he's shutting the door we all hear this sound like someone is gasping for air, like a heavy breath. I'm already like fuck this.

I put the lights back on and drive through and then all thoughts of things that go bump in the night are driven from my mind as we play the dumbest fucking game of 'red light-green light' with the two teenagers in front of us.

As I'm pulling up behind them they apparently decide to make a three point turn in little three foot intervals. Do you know how annoying and long it is to do that?

Driving back the other way, we stop a little ways off out of courtesy because we didn't know if they wanted to actually stop on the bridge. We were all seriously hoping that they would because we wanted to go out to meet them but, sadly no.

The second time around all three of us, including the sleeping bastard TJ decide to get out. From the first time we stepped out I felt like there was panic. It was really creepy, I felt upset and like I needed help and to make matters creepier we kept hearing these breaths like someone was gasping for air.

We all thought this was enough and piled in the car. TJ actually felt so bad he started to get a headache...or maybe he just wanted to go back to sleep, I don't know. I didn't actually know the story of the bridge, I assumed some dinkus got pregnant and threw her baby off the bridge like all the other versions of the story. So me and Mr.C were talking about our experience and I told him that it felt like a kid was in danger but not necessarily a baby being thrown over. But it felt like I was trapped and needed help.

Mr.C told me that the actual story of the bridge was that a child was in the back of a covered hay wagon and somehow the wagon got caught on fire. The father noticed and stopped in the middle of the bridge and tried to save his kid but couldn't and the kid was burnt crispier the KFC chicken.

Could explain the gasps we heard. I'm thinking smoke inhalation?

But that's just our experience. We really want to go back and I really want a digicam before we do.

I don't usually beg for comments but I would love the hear anyone else's experiences with the bridge, or maybe you just have a weird ghostly story that happened to you. They're always fun to listen to.


  1. Cool bridge. Cool story.

    Back in NC, a friend of mine were driving out in the country after midnight and saw a woman in colonial style clothes, walking along. We drove by and then drove back to see of she needed help or whatnot, and she dissapeared in a fog. Years later, some other dude said he knew about this "phantom" as well. At the time, we figured it was someone from a costume party or something.

    And in Baltimore, I've seen Edgar Allan Poe's grave, and John Wilkes Booth's. Woo-hoo!

  2. Just found this, thanks for the inspiration:

    Douglas J. McMillan, "The Vanishing Hitchhiker in Eastern North Carolina," North Carolina Folklore, 20 (1972), 123-128. [Eleven versions reported, five printed, of which Example O in this chapter is on pp. 124-125.]

  3. That's pretty cool/creepy story. And I keep meaning to visit Poe's grave, but I never get around to doing it.


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