Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here Comes The Bride, Her Dress Is Wide.

Damn do I love the Beatles. Sadly this post has nothing to do with them.

Just got done watching ABC's 'What Would You Do?' Where actors stage ethical dilemmas to gauge reactions. Kind of like Candid Camera only if you're not a complete douche you get to feel more holier then thou.

As always with programs like this some things annoy you or piss you off, or just touch your heart like the disabled woman who tried to get help for one actor that was dressed like a homeless man and pretended to faint. I mean like, continously, even after almost 30 people ignored her she didn't walk away and even checked to make sure he was still breathing. Seriously I cried like a baby on that one, but let me digress or else this whole post will be about nothing but the angel that was this old lady.

I guess because it hits on a personal note, the last scenario really got to me. In it a bride is trying on dresses and the mom berates and degrades her. In one scenario the bride is thin and in another fat. I guess I should not be surprised but when the mother was berating the thin bride and then left for the restroom, the bride had gaggles of women just clustered around her telling her she looked beautiful. Some women even intervened a little and told the mom to just be happy for her. She was getting so many compliments it was as if you kissed her ass enough she'd shit out a golden brick for you and a Rolls Royce (ok, who drives them anymore? Old and probably bad example but stay with me here).

Of course when it was the fat bride's turn very few people intervened or offered any compliments. It just sickens. Just because someone has a different body type then you do, it does not give another person any right to shame them about it. It was almost like everyone just decided 'Hey, maybe she'll go on a diet now. She's fat, she deserves it.'

Society needs to open it's eyes. If someone's fat that does not mean they should be degraded and humiliated for being fat. There are so many different reasons why people are fat and have different body types from eating to much, to genetics, to prescription drugs where weight gain is a side effect and many more. But it doesn't matter what the reason is, if someone is different then you, so what. This does not make them any less of a human being. This does not mean that they don't feel the same way anyone else does or that they are deserving of this treatment.

Oy vay, I swear sometimes I want to smack everyone's face off of thier faces.

Linkage for ABC, and by the by, the fat bride was hot, also I'm having trouble working the link edit, so sorry if you have to copy and paste.

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