Friday, March 6, 2009

My mother is crazy and my blog depressing.

I would love to know the wierd ways in which other people's parents or lovers or what have you wake them up.

I get woken up at 7 in the morning by my mother banging my door open and yell-talking at me. The following dialouge still boggles my mind....mainly the ending result.

Ma: Do you have work today?!
Me: ....What day ....Is today Friday?
Me: ....No.
Ma: This room stinks, you need to take a shower!
Me: ummm....
Ma: Oh and by the way, your friend called and his friend is having an asthma attack and left his inhaler in your car!

And at this point she leaves the room. Now first of all, no I do not stink I take showers thank you. The room itself smells kind of gross everytime I go in because our damn dog has pissed in it more times then I can remember and my brother is a typical gross little boy. But he's also adorable and therefore forgiven. This is apparently my fault....or whatever.

Second of all I haven't worked a friday in ...oh let's say two to three or so months. Why would I start now?

And thirdly and most importantly! If my friend is having an asthma attack so bad that they feel the need to call me at 7 in the fucking morning to get me to come over there and drop off an inhaler, don't you think you could have told me that first?? Why the hell she felt the need to drag out the strangest, abrupt and most awkward conversation before telling me my friend was having trouble breathing is beyond me. And it's not like there was any particular emphasis put on there either, she just kind of casually threw it in at the end.

Now crazy ass mother issues aside, it has come to my attention that my blog is very depressing and not how I envisioned it at all. So changes must be made, from now on, a lighter blog, funnier and more eclectic. Not so laden with serious things....and no more lazyness either.

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