Thursday, March 12, 2009

Satanic Barbie

Sometimes when I read about how some people came to be Wiccan or Pagan, there's a time in their life when they doubt Christianity. Understandable and they wouldn't be Pagan if they didn't. But in some cases it seems they delve right into Satan worship and not the cool Anton LaVey Satan worship. Which as Wicca has nothing to do with him and is supposed to be a peaceful religion is the weirdest two heel faced turns I've ever seen.

I just want to know what is the thought process with that?

"Yay! I love God!" (Two months later) " You know, just not cutting it out for me anymore, fuck this I'm going to actively try and burn you all with hellfire." (Three months later) " You know, let's try and find something on the magical path, just not as evil.......Praise the Gods!"

It's just odd and not how I came to be Pagan at all.

That's not quite what this post is about though, but I was thinking about how weird it was today and then I remembered something from when I was a kid.

My parents split up a long time ago and when I went for a visit with my dad I spent the night at his new apartment that his friend had just moved out of and in the closet was a little wooden statue of Baphomet. For anyone who doesn't know who or what that is, it's this strange looking little mother fucker right here.

Aren't those the perkiest tits you've ever seen? And they were no less perky on that statue when I was 9 years old.

I don't know to much about Baphomet, I know it's rumored to be a Persian God, I know that some Satanists use the symbol (not just the kooky Anton's) for all their Satan-ey needs or whatnot. Also if you look it up on wikipedia, the info on 'em is really neat. Or however much of it I skimmed over was.

I just thought it was weird, I was so damn obsessed with it as a kid. Every time I spent the night at my dad's I had to look at it at least once. I would sometimes take it down from the closet and play with it, like a doll, I would even have it give orders to the people in the statue that were kneeling down before it (Oh yes I was a crazy child)....but weirdest of all I was obsessed with the boobs, I would play with them. I don't know why, probably because Barbie's aren't as perky nor realistic. Now, dad didn't know about the boob rubbing but he was completely fine with me playing with the statue.

I think when I finally get around to telling my dad I'm bisexual....I'm going to blame it on the doll.

Also in regards to my last post it has come to my attention that there is a strange little blurb in the begginning about how much I love the Beatles and it has nothing to do with the rest of the article. That's because the title was originally a Beatles song, but I am really lazy and I really do love the Beatles, so the blurb stays!

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