Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun On The Road

Couple of nights ago me and my friends took a fuck it drive past the Hatem bridge on route 40. I love going for drives with friends. Especially ones with good memories, they're like my living Tom Tom's. So after a stint in a sex shop we decide to go down one of the many side streets on 40 and see what's down there. It's 2 am...spooky, dark and there's woods everywhere. We go under a small bridge and end up in North Wood Isles I believe it was called. I can't remember I do know we were in Cecil Co. by that point.

We wound up on main street. It was so pretty, it reminded me of Ellicott City with all it's shops still somewhat lit with pretty lights even really late at night when they were closed. It also reminded me of Chestertown as in it seemed kind of small. We saw a live bait vending machine in front of a store that sold fishing rods. So very cool, really need to get that camera. Although since the bait is in there and it's a vending machine, I have to wonder how fresh and live it really is.

Went back home around 2:30 and almost lost my shit after I thought a cop was trying to pull me over for speeding but he was going after someone else ( ok seriously, it's almost 3am and nobody was out on 40 but us and I'm a good driver....who cares if I do a 80 in a 55?). I slowed down though after he left.

I'm going to have to visit the Isles one day in the day light though. It looked really nice. Had a little cafe down there and some antique shop. Was very cute.

I love driving. It's the best time waster and so good to cool off if you're pissed. I always wind up playing those stupid car games that you only play by yourself that you make up on the maybe it's a good thing I drive alone a good bit, haha. Yesterday I was going down a back road to get to 40 and there was no one there and out of nowhere there's a car up ahead in front of me. I'm like, this is weird, guess I just caught up to him because I was going five over the limit. Ten seconds later out of nowhere I'm thinking 'I'm officially chasing this car.'

Now I'm driving slightly faster to catch up with him, this is a car chase after all and I get sad when we get to the light because now the car chase is over I have to go home....but lo and behold who merges in front of me and goes the same way I am? Oh yeah....the chase was not over! Well it wouldn't have been had he not then gotten into the other lane on 40, that and he drove really slow too, so no wonder I caught up to him.


  1. I kind of hate driving for utility's sake. If I could have someone drive me around for the rest of my life, I'd be satisfied. I do love being in a car, though.

    And if the weather's nice, the sun is shining, and I have good music to sing along to, I'll roll down the windows and sing at the top of my lungs while I drive. It's like being in Heaven for a short minute.

  2. Fun kind of trip and Walter Mitty games. Exploring the little towns rocks.

    One time the night before a wedding in NH, a couple of the wedding party peeled off to explore Salem, Mass., and ended up walking around Boston Harbor, where we stumbled on an old fort and a still-active off-limits security zone before promptly getting back to the car and on back to NH, passing a large pink elephant sign and what looked like a witch. More exciting than the wedding, certainly.

  3. I really enjoyed tagging along on your drive. It's been way too long since I did anything as spontaneous - keep on doing it!


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