Saturday, April 25, 2009

John's Are Gaylords

What is it with the name John nowadays that summons douche bag demons to possess people with that name?

Just saw this while ticking around on youtube which won't let me embed it for some reason.

Gods, does anyone remember when John Mayer wasn't a douche? Seriously he even looks like one now a days.
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer Pictures, Images and Photos
Look at that crap. Who in their right minds would actually let this dude touch one of their daughters? Dammit America, we should be ashamed as hell we didn't try and break this shit up before Johnnifer Mayerston dragged it out into a yay long drama show.

And speaking of asshole Johns apparently Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 is dicking around on his wife or something to that ilk. They should definitely work that into their show somehow, I would definitely watch that stuff then. Especially if they got divorced over it, then they could rename the show Jon and Kate Dividing 8. Oh hell yeah.


  1. Jons are even more douchebaggy than Johns, from what I've seen.

    Funny that Mr. Big turns out to be another John, eh?

  2. Oh no! Not Mr.Big! No wonder Carrie had so many damn problems with him. lol.


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