Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just Back From Camp

So tired, but I did promise a mud crunch recipe in the last blog.

Easiest recipe you'll ever hear and our girls love the crap.

In a big pot melt a cup of peanut butter, a bag of butterscotch chips and half a bag of chocolate chips. Melt it till it's all nice and gooey then remove from heat and add a whole box of chex cereal. Stir until it's all coated evenly and let it cool, then add the other half of bag chocolate chips and freeze or refrigerate.


  1. haha thank you for visiting my blog! how cute that you found it through margaret cho's - she would be the reason that i become a bisexual :)

  2. how funny that your latest post was about cereal, as was mine.

  3. Sounds like a recipe for a heart attack -- ha ;-> Diabetics might want to avoid . . .

    Cheers for posting!


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