Monday, May 25, 2009

Nice, Tea And A Little Bit Of Me

Found a really neat website, well two actually. First is Operation Nice created to remind us that a little nice goes a long way. A very neat website and a very novel idea. It seems more and more these days that we could all use with being nicer just for the hell of it. So visit her blog and add her button to your site and spread the word of nice.

Second site is Modern Day Pioneers who has this 'A Little Me' thing going on. Seems that the author of the blog has made tons of crafts with no place to keep them, so if you go there and e-mail her with your name and address she will send you one and list your site on hers. I can't wait for mine, I wonder what it will be.

I am in love with this tea I bought from North East, this weird village over the Hatem Bridge (I'm starting to think that anyplace worth going is over the Hatem Bridge.). It has a couple of really neat shops with a great small town feel. One of the stores is this place that sells loose leaf teas and coffees, pasta, ready to make soups and bread mixes and all kinds of neat things. I bought this tea called Cherry Moon Tea made by the Eastern Shore Tea Co. You can buy it online here. It's a great mix of green tea, cherry flavors and some orange as well. I'm starting to really like tea without sugar, I'm finding that the sugar covers up the actual flavor of the tea to me. It also comes with a reusable tea bag, a little drawstring pouch made of cheese cloth. Such a neat and Eco friendly idea.

Speaking of Eco friendly, has anyone seen the commercial for those stupid prunes that are individually wrapped? Prunes being in their own wrapper is actually part of the marketing ploy it seems. Why not just stick them in a box and call it done.


  1. Individually wrapped prunes? Who wants to go through all that trouble? And sticky hands? And what about the older people who eat them and can't work their hands well enough to open each little packet? It sounds like a bad plan, to me.

  2. I saw those individually-wrapped prunes, too. I couldn't believe they were bragging about it on TV like it's a good thing. Hello? Save the earth?


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