Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Of Girlscouts And Dead Celebrities

Gods I am so damn iffy about this weekend. I love my girls but not quite looking forward to a weekend of camping with not only the cadets and seniors but also my friend and fellow leader is bringing her junior troop along. We've already had to specifically warn our older girls to not cuss or talk about inappropriate topics especially since we have 3 parents of the youngins coming along. And they were not pleased. That's right, they actually kind of got an attitude about it.

I don't know, maybe if we make some Mud Crunch they'll all shut up, haha. (If you're wondering what that is, a recipe will follow sometime later).

Don't get me wrong, they're not a bad troop at all. They're very good, if opinionated girls. But if current annoyed attitudes and rainy weathers persist, this may not be the most fun camping trip. We're sleeping in yurts this time. As long as it's not open air platform tents I'm fine. Found many wolf spiders in the first one we tried to sleep in. And of course we can't kill them because "we're out in nature and we have to respect it."

I hope it stops raining soon, or else they're going to have to do all their stuff here's to sunshine and no cabin fever!

Also yesterday...or maybe it was this morning, Dom DeLuise died at age 75. Totally sucks, he was awesome and a great actor. At least he went in his sleep though. I'm not sure how I'd like to die, but sleeping is one of my top picks. I just realized that's a very weird thought. But we will all die one day, I'm just saying if I had to pick how to do it, I think in my sleep, surrounded by loved ones is definitely how I would like to go.

This just reminded me I've been meaning for a year or more to buy one of his cookbooks. How can you not like a cookbook with the title 'Eat this- It will make you feel better!'?

Rest in peace Mr.DeLuise.


  1. Yes, R.I.P. What a sweet guy.

    Good luck on the camping trip. And...*shudder* I hate spiders.

    But I'm intrigued about the Mud Crunch.

  2. Hope it was fun, includng the yurt experience. And yeah, dying in spleep surrounded by loved ones sounds about as peaceful as it gets.


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