Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So, Should We Give Your Son A Cookie Then?

Today was a good day, full of no headaches or wtf!? moments. Me and my pregnant friend Penny went to the mall and I got a red bean bubble tea (nice and sweet taste. Very good btw).

Then I got home and read this article in The Sun. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/education/bal-md.expulsions19may19,0,2683888.story

The Baltimore public school system is now getting to the point where they are enforcing zero tolerance and making expulsions for things like arson and violent behavior and such, forever. As in do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars; you're out of the game and out of the school dearies.

I for one am standing behind the schools on this one. For a while now Baltimore's schools and their children have been going back and forth and playing the 'Who's Got The Bigger Dick?' game. A majority of the time it seems the kids win. Kudos to the schools for growing an inch or two and learning how to play the game. It also seems to be working for them with cases of arson in city schools being halved compared to how many there were last year.

Maybe the kids that attend Baltimore's schools will now see how serious the consequences to their actions are and think before they potentially throw their education down the drain.

Of course the parents are up in arms about their kid not receiving an education. Many don't think it's fair to permanently expel a kid. But is it fair to have a kid that has violent tendencies ruining somebody else's education by causing fights in the classroom; or assaulting teachers. Even the stress of being violently bullied by someone can affect how they learn. Why should they have to suffer because somebody wants to act like an idiot. Also, why should your moron child be given a second chance to do the same thing? The 16 year old subject of the paper's article lit a poster and a trashcan on fire with his friend to get out of school. He potentially put people in danger....to get out of school.

If you want to get out of school that damn badly, fake being sick, or just walk out when no one's looking. Trust me, it's not that damn hard. He completely deserves this expulsion. It's time for Baltimore to stop giving slaps on the wrists and start handing out boots to the asses for arson and violent offenses.

Our schools seemed to have stumbled upon a good idea. I hope they stick with it to give the children that actually want to be in schools a chance to learn there safely.


  1. And another AMEN. They can always find a second chance somewhere else -- those who want to, will. Meanwhile . . .


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