Monday, June 8, 2009

Fly Up

So today was our Fly Up ceremony for Girl Scouts. This is the last ceremony where people bring potluck and we give all our girls their badges and pins they have earned and some of them "fly up" into other troops (IE: a cadet will become a senior girl scout.) and some of them "bridge out" or leave us. Oy vay, was it somewhat disorganized, at least for me anyway. I have to start e-mailing the other leaders a day or two before our ceremonies and such to go over the little details beforehand.

I think we have one junior joining our cadet troop next year, I'm not sure, I know one of the cadets is joining our senior troop. And we lost a scout. Our Hanny girl has bridged out and is going to college next year. We will miss her badly, and she better visit us! I got to read the badges off that each girl earned this year for our troop. And good Lords and Ladies! I accidentally let out a low whistle when I went to read Hanny girls' badges. She earned like 20 of them, plus her bridge to adult pin.

The pot luck was excellent. I got to talk to Kait who came back to see her sisters get their badges. Poor thing had her jaw wired shut and had to sip tomato soup out of a straw. She asked me how my solid food was, haha! I still can't remember why she had surgery on her jaw, I think it was lock jaw, but I can't remember how she got it. If she wasn't talking directly to me, sometimes she was hard to understand.

We're having a summer camping trip and bringing the girls together again next Friday at my friend's grandma's house. She has this huge backyard with a sheep pen and we're going to sleep in actual tents this time. I hope I remember how to set one up.

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  1. Caity has TMJ, so does Ashleigh but ash had her surgery a while ago. it stands for Temporal Mandibular Joint... basically her jaw bone is grinding into her skull.

    oh, and guess what... no juniors bridge up. Theres now 2 cadettes and 3 seniors. grrness. Love you bunches, you seemed to question it so i thought i'd fill u in while i thought about it. and OMG i hate that disorganized feel. the only problem i had was that the audience didn't SHUT THE HELL UP


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