Friday, June 12, 2009

I Love Her Dearly, Not Queerly

I can be so traumatizing sometimes. My back gets sore sometimes from sitting all the time at my job and nothing does it better then cracking it. So when we don't get many calls I lie on the floor and let my friend/coworker Kaitlin step on my back. She thinks it's weird because she can actually feel my spine popping under her feet. I think it's hilarious and awesome because my back feels 100% better afterwards. And afterwards I do the same for her, only I'm a lot bigger then her so I use my hands or lightly step with one foot.

Apparently the only way to get her lower back to pop is if she arches her back by sticking her butt in the air and I press on the curve of her spine. It works, it just looks odd.

We were alone on the night shift last Saturday and my back started hurting. She cracked my back, so consequentially I cracked hers and have one of my shoes off because I was stepping on her in her white dress. (nothing like a footprint on a new dress to piss off a friendship). Both of us forget that Lorriane, our senior operator was coming in soon. She goes to arch her back and I reply, "I think it's so funny how your ass just pops up like that after I get done the top of your back."

Or really that's what I wanted to say, I stopped at the word "that" and look up and there she is standing in the doorway with an amused look on her face that just yelps "What did I walk in on?" Me and Kait can't stop laughing. There we are, I have one shoe off and one on and standing over her and her butt's in the air and since I'm about to crack her lower back it totally looks like I'm about to grab her ass. Nice one.

We're both amused at the thought that some of the office probably thinks we have either way to close of a friendship or some weirdo lesbian relationship that we consummate on our Saturday shifts when nobody else is around. And I know that the fact that I have a tendency to blurt things out without worrying about the way they sound or if they're too much information types of things does not help matters. Oh well, at least work is never boring with us. Which is great because work is boring.


  1. You had me laughing out loud. You are really funny. I love your stories.

  2. That's fantastic. I got caught dancing at work by this little Hispanic lady who didn't speak English. And every time she comes in, she smirks at me now.

  3. lol. I would definitely like to have you guys around to liven things up.
    And I do that back-cracking thing all the time!

  4. Too funny! Love it!

    Most work is so boring -- why does it have to be so?


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