Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stolen Post

Stole this survey quiz from Toni at Modern day pioneers.

Outside my window...it is dark and quiet and there are these loud white trucks with a yellow light on their top rolling by. I'm suspecting they are spraying for mosquitoes since a cloud of whatever follows them.

I am thinking... right now, of creative or avant garde ways to make my world a better place and spread peace.

I am thankful for... my siblings even if I don't always show it. I loves them.

From the kitchen... There are left over meatballs and sadly not enough salad.

I am wearing... My black, beat up shirt with the pink skull on it and baby blue pajama pants.

I am creating... a short story which will later be posted on here.

I am going... to go insane. My friend's forgot to call me again today and I'm starting to seriously think I am contracting cabin fever on my days off of work.

I am reading.... 'Farewell to Manzanar' which is a true story of a Japanese-American's family's experiences during and after the World War II internment. Well actually I start reading it tomorrow. Just got done 'The Mermaid Chair.' Awesome read.

I am hoping... to find a second job quickly.

I am hearing... the drone of the computer and air conditioner combining while watching street musicians on youtube play jazz.

Around the house... everything is quiet because every one's asleep. :D

One of my favorite things is... driving to new places....which I can't do. *pouts*


  1. You can steal from me anytime!

    I am always looking for something good to read. I am going to read your books. They sound excellent.


  2. A short story? cool! Can't wait!
    And haha, same here with the sibling. I bully my bro a lot, but I can't live without him!

  3. That was uber-awesome.

    The cloud reminds me of the "Toxic Airborne Event" -- in DeLillo's White Noise. A wicked book, indeed.

    Nice work ;->

  4. Hi! I found your blog through Burp & Slurp and just wanted to introduce myself before commenting because my mother instilled a very strict attention to proper etiquitte at a very young age. I’m Emily. :D

    Now that I’ve satisfied my inner Emily Post I just have to say that video is da bomb... Lol!

    It was so nice to have “met” you! :D

    With Love,

  5. p.s. How did you know it was taken from a moving car? (The Big Tire). Very right on of you.

    I'm also with you on Woody Allen's latest -- Larry King says it's better than Annie Hall (on Tavis Smiley).


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