Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Missing Everything!

I'm an anime nut and I love Asian culture, just found out that yesterday was the last day for Otakon. It's an anime convention down at the Baltimore convention center in the inner harbor. I'm so annoyed, I feel like I'm missing everything. I'm almost always working, if not I'm just bored. But every time something happens I'm working and can't go to it. I've missed the Gay Pride parade and Starscape; even the Hon festival!

I've wanted to go to that festival for so long now. I mean, free beehive hairdos! Who could pass that up! Besides it's awesome and kitschy, it's what Baltimore's about.

But now it's Otakon! It makes me feel slightly bored and lonely. It's really sad when a ride to the bank and then to pay a car payment and then to 7-11 is viewed as 'refreshing'. Then again I was with my siblings and they're hilarious, if annoyingly so at some times.

I have a slight headache. I had to deal with my brother Eric and my sister meowing at other cars. But it was hilarious, especially when they did it to a bicycler.

I'm so mad at my scanner. It's not working for some reason and I'm going to have to get my sister to fiddle with it for me. I was going to do a blog post of many pictures since I finally got my two cameras fixed, but, looks like it's a no go...for now. I cannot wait until I have enough money one day to get a digicam. And I mean a good one, not some crappy one like last time.


  1. One film I love is Appleseed. We have lots in common.

    ....and free beehives! I'm sad I missed it and I'm on the other side of the world!

  2. Hon fest -- bizarro~

    Good luck with your scanner!


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