Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So You Think You Can Cook: Hobo Soup

I think I would like to have a regular foodie thing on here, or as regular as I can keep it; So You Think You Can Cook: The Chronicles of the Kitchen Inept! Haha! I'm not really that horrible at cooking...I just have no practice. Which really sucks on two fronts because I absolutely love to cook! And I love kind of exotic food also and lots of home made things.

I'm making Hobo Soup, the easiest soup I've ever made or heard of in my life. We made it in Girl Scouts before and I've decided to make it for the kids and well, everyone living in the house. My sister has taken to calling it Homo Soup because I flub up my words.

At Girl scouts when we have this we tell the girls to bring in a can of something, but it has to be water based. Like canned vegetables and canned soup and you just put it all together and heat it up. It tastes awesome. Not that you really need a recipe but what would a 'SYTYCC:Kitchen Inept' Post be without one? So here's how I made mine.

Once again, sorry for no pictures; not that you need pictures of soup, but oh well.

I think all in all I used about 4 cans of Vegetable Soup with beef broth and 3-4 of Chicken Noodle Soup, with the correct amount of water thrown in afterwords. I also used a can of Select's Caramelized French Onion Soup. Then I added lots of vegetables: Half a head of Cabbage, Couple of Stalks of Celery, Tinned Tomatoes, Green Beans, Corn, Brown Rice, Lentil Beans, Carrot Slices and Peas. The soup started to be more vegetables then broth so I added a bit more water, like two cans worth. And then there was too much in there so I couldn't add the other thing, Potatoes.

My sister said it tasted awesome at that point, not too salty and not too watery. I just didn't see it as quite done though so I added: Basil, Oregano, Black Pepper and what all Baltimoreans love and can't live without; about 3 tablespoons of Old Bay. And surprisingly enough I felt no need to put any garlic in it. It kind of reminds me slightly of Maryland crab soup right now, only because of the old bay in it though. I swear that's what that soup is though, just vegetable soup, add crabs and old bay and there you go....OK well there's some other stuff too, but that's the gist of it anyways.

I think when people start eating it and it goes down some, I'll add the last two cans of soup I have and then add some potatoes...possibly the rest of the rice and beans too.

So there you have it, quick and easy and awesome. Wow..this turned out to be a huge post. Kudos if you got down this far!

As a last bit of an aside; my sister has gotten me thinking about making something called Homo Soup. I'm thinking something creamy and slightly 'decadent' and....pink!!! Let you know what I come up with....and if it's edible.


  1. lol! hobo soup! Love it! A mix-match of everything!

  2. Sounds damned good. All the added extras. I can just imagine the possibilities.

    I remember as kid making something called "Poor Man's Cake." I involved flour, sugar, and maybe an egg and some baking soda, plus spices & anything else available. Not bad, though a little flat.


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