Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Cook?

It has just dawned on me that I am possibly horrible at cooking. I cooked turkey burgers last night with cheese in the middle and I just have to ask the people that read this...are they supposed to be slightly soft and pink in the middle? Or can I get crap loads of Salmonella from that?

I was halfway through my burger when I noticed. Oy vay. I wound up slicing them in half horizontally and cooking them again, kind of burnt the cheese but it wasn't to bad.

In all honesty I'm blaming all the neat food blogs I've been reading. I've been trying to get more into cooking anyways and these blogs make everything look so damn easy and awesome. I get so jealous and then start to think I might be a better cook then I really am. I knew I should have followed a recipe.

My mom said that I had the heat up to high. I could have sworn I had it as low as I could. Then again our stove is really decrepit and no matter what level you have it on there's this huge flame on one side, always. It's like it's protecting the food....from being cooked. Just went to stir the macaroni and cheese and now I'm pretty sure I have 3rd degree burns on my wrist.

Tonight I tackle turkey meatloaf. I promise I will goad my sister into taking pictures with the camera phone. If it turns out well, I shall post recipe....if I burn the house down don't expect anything.

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  1. That's a tough one. You played it right, though. I love meatloaf of any variety. Tried wrapping it in bacon, even veg-alt bacon -- yum. Fun to experiment -- that's hip! Good luck! It's a worthy effort, for damned sure.


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