Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Special Place In Hell

Is being designed for me as we speak, I'm about 70 percent sure of it now. The past two days or so (I'm not sure, I've lost track of time....isn't that a sign of alien abduction?) have been slightly crappy. On the 3rd on my way to pick up a friend, who apparently couldn't hear me knocking on her door, I accidentally hit a dove...with my car. A cute, little, pudgy mourning dove. I even heard the 'thunk' as it made contact. I cried all the way to the store I had to go to, to buy some stupid sodas for the stupid party at work to realize, hey, I'm not off today, I work in an hour.

Good thing is that everyone agrees that the dove is most likely fine, it was in mid flight and I was slowing down to avoid it. I didn't hit it's wings, just the lower part of it's body and it continued flying. It didn't...fall out of the air, so I'm pretty sure that it's fine...I hope.

Then about two hours later I got off for a half hour to take my brother to his new school for his football practice try out thing (which he was mistaken about), and on the way back to take him home I almost run over this tiny sparrow near the stop sign. My brother found this hilarious and asked me if that made two today now and I'm behind the wheel going 'Will nothing end my unholy animal killing rampage!?'.

Worked on the fourth as well. I hate working in the part of the building that's surrounded by trees and other buildings and is at the bottom of hills and such. I didn't see one damn firework...oh but I heard them dammit! My brother was so cute, he said if we had enough tape he was going to record the fireworks for me. He didn't get to but it's still really cute, haha.

I absolutely cannot wait until Thursday. I need money so badly. Poor gas tank's on it's last leg.

On the plus side, I did get to hang out with my friend A-kun yesterday and got shown a really neat park I didn't know was near me. I would love to go back and fish and hike one day. Apparently I need a license.

And speaking of mourning half a page ago...I found this on youtube. Be warned it does kind of drag on, it's five minutes, but I think it's neat to see the little dove babies grow up. They're so cute and fuzzy! Also the music is really peaceful, I'll admit myself I stopped watching halfway and just let the music play. Apparently doves like to build crappy looking nests in odd places. Who knew.


  1. You have such a way with words, that I couldn't help but laugh at the image of you mowing down little animals.
    The dove will be fine.
    My hubby is from the country and when I first drove to his house (he sat passenger) I just about hit a wallaby (a smaller version of a kangaroo) and shut my eyes and yelled AAAAaahhhhh while swerving.
    Ben yelled at me and said Rule No.1 of driving...never ever swerve to miss an animal. You could swerve into another car, hit a person or crash into a tree.
    You did the right thing, even though you feel rotten, and if you are ever in Australia, you can drive.

  2. My friend Jenni goes on sprees where she hits several birds in a row...she's says it's because she has no soul.

    I once hit four at a was horrifying!


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