Saturday, July 25, 2009

That's It! I Quit!

Was at work today, worked 3-12, just got home. I brought food, but thought I was getting home at 8 which turned to 10 which turned to 12. Not complaining, 40 hours this week, awesome for my bank account.

But going six hours without food, probably not a good idea. Especially since I've changed my eating habits and have been eating healthy and regularly. Apparently bodies don't like change. Haha. I was out smoking on my break when I came in I felt all dizzy and shaky and sick to my stomach. I think it was just the bod saying, "fucking feed me already you psycho!" But at first I thought it was from the cigarettes. Truth be told, they most likely did not help. It was enough to scare me though and I am quitting them for good!!

That's right, you heard it on this blog! Adorably Dead is quitting cigarettes for freaking good! I've said it so many times and it reminds me of a quote from Dr.Cox from Scrubs about last cigarettes " The last cigarette is better then sex, I've had thousands of them." If that's not the right one, it was something to that ilk. But I've made up my mind (how many times have I said that?), plus, I just have to think of all the money I'll be saving.

I'm so excited tonight. Jan, my superior from work, brought in a bunch of jalapenos and tomatoes from her garden. And I have the onion, salt, garlic and chili powder. I'm making salsa tonight! Woohoo! I love fresh salsa. Well, I love salsa.

And I am feeling less shaky after writing this. I think it also had to do with the fact that I've drank nothing at all today. Oy vay. Apparently I must like to feel like I'm going to lose consciousness or something. :p Stupid me.


  1. Hey, good luck with that! I switched to small cigars quite a little while back. No inhaling, though still got to be moderate even so. And Nicotine gum occasionally.

  2. OH my God, this calls for a celebration! It's gonna be tough, but I hope you stick it through until the cravings fade away! Let us know of your progress, but it's ok to "fall" once in a while...ROCK ON!

  3. Proud of you, but if you fall off the wagon -no judgment.
    Stock up on lots of chewies (gum)! You can do it!!

  4. Where are you miss? Have you gone on a blog holiday?


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