Monday, August 31, 2009

Started Going Through The Storage Shed

Had to clean out the bedroom first. I seem like such a hoarder, I just have so much crap that I’ve stuck in boxes and forgotten about. It seems like every three boxes I go through, I find about one bag of trash and one bag of good will items. But I am getting rid of a lot of crap I don’t need which is good. And I’ve also found my guitar! Awesomeness!

I had completely forgotten how much crap was actually in there. I have boxes to the ceiling of it…quite literally. And I’ve almost had things fall on me about three times now. I wonder if I’ll get it all done by November. Well I mean, I have to regardless because that’s when I move. It’s just so much stuff.

Atleast I’m getting good karma out of this, because my two checks came in the mail as well two days ago! Woohoo for uncashed Sam’s Club checks!

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  1. Good luck there. If we don't here from you for a few days we'll assume you were buried.


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