Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such Chubby Cheeks

Thanksgiving was great. I hope everyone in the blogosphere had a most awesome holiday as I did. I sat at the kiddy table with all the siblings and goofed around with them and the dogs. I'm so happy I'm back in Baltimore, of course this means that my Mom and Steve get to plead their case for me staying home with me in person. Yay. Spent the night at my friend Penny's, my new little nephew is so cute! And he's gotten so much bigger now. He's already two months old, it's crazy to believe.

She lucked out like mad with him. He's such a good, content baby. He sleeps all through out the night except for one hour when he wakes up to eat. And he's pretty quiet when he's not babbling and trying to talk. He doesn't fuss or cry much. LJ is such a sweetie pie, I love feeding him. He's asleep right now in his little makeshift pillow/blanket bed on the couch where he can be with his Aunt Dead. I'm giving mommy a break. She gets to play Mario Wii and I get to feed and change the kiddo. By the way, I so want a Wii right now. This game rocks.

I just can't get enough of this baby, I love him so much. Unfortunately I'll be leaving for the two Jessica's house in a short while. Not that I don't want to hang out with them, but Mr.Chubby Cheeks to my left here is just so damn sweet. Seriously, he gives me toothaches, haha.

Today I get a second Thanksgiving dinner. It's awesome. Jessica T. is making one with all the fixings....for some reason. But I'm not complaining because she is a most excellent cook. I think this is the most hectic thing about this Thanksgiving vacation, trying to talk to and fit in visiting time with as many friends and family as possible in my 4 days here.

I'm not looking forward to Sunday. Not only because I have to leave, but I hope to hell there is no fog at all. Coming into Baltimore on I-95 with pea soup fog going 55 is not fun at all. Next time my mom tells me to wait until the next morning, I just might listen. I am glad that the oil prices are lower here. Almost 20 cents lower which is completely awesome. Much better then DC which is 2.77 per gallon. Fucking ridiculous that is.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home For The Holidays

So it is officially 9:41pm my time right now and in about an hour I will be picking up the Scotty from work. Mom thinks I'm waiting until tomorrow to drive home for Thanksgiving because according to the news there will be fog tonight. Technically I am listening to her if I leave at 1am. She works at 4pm for work and they're eating dinner at 12 noon. I don't do mornings really so I know I'd be late. She's crazy if she thinks I'm actually waiting until tomorrow to drive. Pure craziness.

I finally got Agis the spider out of my room. We had a sleepover though, he spent the night in an empty soda bottle. I'd like to think he was kind of comfy since it did actually go to sleep. I thought it was dead at first, but no, Agis lived. Good for him. He now has a home in the bushes.

Miss family so much....can't wait to get home or until Scotty's off of work.

Get Out

Agis is in my room and won't leave. I should be getting to bed soon but can't because now I'm concerned with him. Who is he you ask? Agis is my new friend I just met two minutes ago. He is of the genus Agelenopsis. A somewhat little grass spider who had previously thought it a good idea to build a web between TV and wall near the apparently open window.

This is what he looks like (not my picture, found one from photobucket, but he's the same color, only somewhat smaller). He's pretty and cute...for a spider.
grass spider 6

They are not harmful the internets tell me, to humans at least, so I'm trying to do the noble thing and put him in something to take him outside.....but as I said, Agis is fast, so it's somewhat hard to catch him. It's also hard to catch him off guard for that matter as he has eight eyes the little bastard. Also what doesn't help is that normally I am afraid of spiders. Like, Ron Weasley afraid of spiders and all I have to capture him in is an empty soda bottle. Well that and I accidentally almost spilled what little droplets of soda where in there on his poor little head just now.

Damn you Agis, you will not elude me all night!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Temporary Housing

I think I should be thanking Erik for the reminder that I do indeed have a blog. I have been looking for work ever since not getting that stupid job it took me like a month to get an interview for. I can't say the name but it rhymes with AB&B. I still swear the whole thing was botched and such. The adult store near me just let a girl go, but for what reason I don't know, so tomorrow I shall be inquiring about work.

I know I'm weird and perverted but I love working at those stores. They're so laid back and fun. There's one thing I can say indefinitely about my past time spent working at Love Craft. There was never a dull day with that place.

I am living with my friend Scotty and our other roommate and her kid. I've only been here a month and I already want to move. The house is so dirty and filthy. Part of me wants to clean it up but the other part is like why bother? The kid has ODD (Obsessive Destructive Disorder) and I have been told there were efforts to clean the place before, and he had it right back to where it was in the first place within a week. Also, I don't see why I should have to spend my damn money, buying cleaning utensils to clean up someone else's mess! Yeah the roommate is disabled but she is an invalid by choice. 98 percent of it is just plain laziness. I feel sorry for her kid, he does everything for her.

Not to mention the woman is a control freak to the nth degree. Scotty is just waiting for his income taxes and then we are ditching this joint to move in with his friend Bon-Bon. Everything is so clean in her house.....and the place is so quiet and peaceful I love it. And she's so nice and agreeable! Can't wait to move....again. It is somewhat my fault I guess though. I should have gotten to know both people more, because when I first moved in the house, Scotty wasn't there. Their car had died and so Bon-Bon was taking him to work, so he had to temporarily live up there for like a month. I was stuck with the roomie for like three days by myself.

It was one of those situations where it slowly and horrifyingly dawns on you, that you do not trust nor like the person you are sitting across from. And they only reason why you never took notice in the first place is because you were friends with her roommate and only spent little time with said person alone and mainly hung out with the other roomie. So now you're sitting across from this person and you're realizing they are conniving and manipulative and creepy, controlling and lazy and you're like, oh shit, now I have to stay here.

But I'm making it work. Unfortunately since the house is gross I do not like eating there, so I'm a hungry bichon. I've been eating like one meal per day. I have been losing weight slightly, but this is not healthy so I'm actually not really happy about that. Well I am happy that I'm not gaining only because I have no money for clothing and have limited pants. But that's it, haha.

Can't wait until Wednesday, or until it's over, it's going to be such a damn long day. Bon-Bon's mooch is finally moving out of her house hopefully, but that means I'll have to stay in Rocky Mount until 1am since I'll be picking up Scotty at 12 midnight from work and driving him home. Also means I will not be returning to Baltimore until 6 or so in the am on Thanksgiving morning. But it's worth it really. I can't wait to see my family, and I know they miss me and I'm not giving up a 4 day vacay to Baltimore for the world. Besides I can't wait to freaking eat.

I hope I get this job so much, even if it's only there until I get another one. Actually I might keep both, I like working in Adult shops, it's fun to me. And entertaining. I need money. Scotty has been so nice, since we're mainly using my car for them he pays all the gas and has paid my insurance and car payment. Car insurance down here is something to yay about. MAIF cost me 195 per month, which is not too bad for a first time car owner and such. But now I switched with Geico and it went down to 157.something per month. Nice.

North Carolina is so nice though, I can defiantly get used to being here. People are so nice and it's weird going a full month without seeing any row homes. The only thing is that I'm so used to the city where places are open until 3am. Here, stores roll up about 9pm sometimes earlier and there's not too much to do. I think the nearest goth club is an hour or so away. Well actually everything is an hour away.

So to leave on a happy note, I think this is my favorite MyLifeIsAverage entry of the day:
"Today while eating lunch at a restaurant the waiter came to take our drink orders. When he asked whether I wanted a lemon or lime wedge with my water I replied, "surprise me". A few minutes later he handed me a water glass that had a slice of banana on the rim. MLIA"

I wish I could get a waiter like that. :p

Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Plain Lazyness

Is why I haven't been updating. Has nothing to do with the fact that I have relocated to North Carolina in Rocky Mount and have been here for about a month. I have had internet the whole time. And now I have acquired a free laptop as well. It runs on Ubuntu and it kind of sucks, but at least there are no virus' that can get on it since they are written for windows. Ubuntu is more of a Linux based thing, or so I've been told. However, games for windows are also unplayable on here without and sometimes even with an emulator. So my sims are going to have to wait for a while. My friend Scott said he would put windows 7 on my lappy when he got it, I think I want him to see if he can put both Ubuntu and windows 7 on here. I am assuming it is able to be done since the Caznuckistanian (read:Canadian) boyfriend of mine is able to do it to his. No virus' from the internet and able to play games. Pure win.

There is so much to gab about now, this is why I shouldn't wait for a freaking month before updating....damn. I will gather the thoughts of my new situation and present them tomorrow. Instead today I present to the internet audience two awesome websites I found.

First is Mystery Google, which for some reason gives an error message when the link is clicked on through this blog. Run by google, obviously, you type in whatever you want and instead of giving you results for what you asked for, it gives you the results for the last search someone else put in. People also put in phone numbers and addresses for you to complete missions. I'm still waiting for my room-mates to discover the toilet paper roll I hid in the freezer so I can dress like a ninja and declare myself the ninja of toilet paper. Yes I am 23 years old, what about it?? haha.

Secondly, also gained from the above link, is Operation Beautiful, which is dedicated to ending fat talk and making girls feel better about their bodies by leaving anonymous post its with body positive sayings on them where people can find them. I think it's a novel idea and a great cause, something that I think I'm going to start doing.