Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Out

Agis is in my room and won't leave. I should be getting to bed soon but can't because now I'm concerned with him. Who is he you ask? Agis is my new friend I just met two minutes ago. He is of the genus Agelenopsis. A somewhat little grass spider who had previously thought it a good idea to build a web between TV and wall near the apparently open window.

This is what he looks like (not my picture, found one from photobucket, but he's the same color, only somewhat smaller). He's pretty and cute...for a spider.
grass spider 6

They are not harmful the internets tell me, to humans at least, so I'm trying to do the noble thing and put him in something to take him outside.....but as I said, Agis is fast, so it's somewhat hard to catch him. It's also hard to catch him off guard for that matter as he has eight eyes the little bastard. Also what doesn't help is that normally I am afraid of spiders. Like, Ron Weasley afraid of spiders and all I have to capture him in is an empty soda bottle. Well that and I accidentally almost spilled what little droplets of soda where in there on his poor little head just now.

Damn you Agis, you will not elude me all night!

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