Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home For The Holidays

So it is officially 9:41pm my time right now and in about an hour I will be picking up the Scotty from work. Mom thinks I'm waiting until tomorrow to drive home for Thanksgiving because according to the news there will be fog tonight. Technically I am listening to her if I leave at 1am. She works at 4pm for work and they're eating dinner at 12 noon. I don't do mornings really so I know I'd be late. She's crazy if she thinks I'm actually waiting until tomorrow to drive. Pure craziness.

I finally got Agis the spider out of my room. We had a sleepover though, he spent the night in an empty soda bottle. I'd like to think he was kind of comfy since it did actually go to sleep. I thought it was dead at first, but no, Agis lived. Good for him. He now has a home in the bushes.

Miss family so much....can't wait to get home or until Scotty's off of work.


  1. Oh my God. You're alivE!!! Where have you been! Good to hear from you again! :D

  2. Kewel -- happy T-bird day! Agis the Spider? I know of a Ugis the Pinka; maybe Agis is a cousin . . .


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