Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Plain Lazyness

Is why I haven't been updating. Has nothing to do with the fact that I have relocated to North Carolina in Rocky Mount and have been here for about a month. I have had internet the whole time. And now I have acquired a free laptop as well. It runs on Ubuntu and it kind of sucks, but at least there are no virus' that can get on it since they are written for windows. Ubuntu is more of a Linux based thing, or so I've been told. However, games for windows are also unplayable on here without and sometimes even with an emulator. So my sims are going to have to wait for a while. My friend Scott said he would put windows 7 on my lappy when he got it, I think I want him to see if he can put both Ubuntu and windows 7 on here. I am assuming it is able to be done since the Caznuckistanian (read:Canadian) boyfriend of mine is able to do it to his. No virus' from the internet and able to play games. Pure win.

There is so much to gab about now, this is why I shouldn't wait for a freaking month before updating....damn. I will gather the thoughts of my new situation and present them tomorrow. Instead today I present to the internet audience two awesome websites I found.

First is Mystery Google, which for some reason gives an error message when the link is clicked on through this blog. Run by google, obviously, you type in whatever you want and instead of giving you results for what you asked for, it gives you the results for the last search someone else put in. People also put in phone numbers and addresses for you to complete missions. I'm still waiting for my room-mates to discover the toilet paper roll I hid in the freezer so I can dress like a ninja and declare myself the ninja of toilet paper. Yes I am 23 years old, what about it?? haha.

Secondly, also gained from the above link, is Operation Beautiful, which is dedicated to ending fat talk and making girls feel better about their bodies by leaving anonymous post its with body positive sayings on them where people can find them. I think it's a novel idea and a great cause, something that I think I'm going to start doing.


  1. Hey cool, Mayberry RFD! One of my sisters and her husband were up there for something fun a few weeks ago.


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