Saturday, November 28, 2009

Such Chubby Cheeks

Thanksgiving was great. I hope everyone in the blogosphere had a most awesome holiday as I did. I sat at the kiddy table with all the siblings and goofed around with them and the dogs. I'm so happy I'm back in Baltimore, of course this means that my Mom and Steve get to plead their case for me staying home with me in person. Yay. Spent the night at my friend Penny's, my new little nephew is so cute! And he's gotten so much bigger now. He's already two months old, it's crazy to believe.

She lucked out like mad with him. He's such a good, content baby. He sleeps all through out the night except for one hour when he wakes up to eat. And he's pretty quiet when he's not babbling and trying to talk. He doesn't fuss or cry much. LJ is such a sweetie pie, I love feeding him. He's asleep right now in his little makeshift pillow/blanket bed on the couch where he can be with his Aunt Dead. I'm giving mommy a break. She gets to play Mario Wii and I get to feed and change the kiddo. By the way, I so want a Wii right now. This game rocks.

I just can't get enough of this baby, I love him so much. Unfortunately I'll be leaving for the two Jessica's house in a short while. Not that I don't want to hang out with them, but Mr.Chubby Cheeks to my left here is just so damn sweet. Seriously, he gives me toothaches, haha.

Today I get a second Thanksgiving dinner. It's awesome. Jessica T. is making one with all the fixings....for some reason. But I'm not complaining because she is a most excellent cook. I think this is the most hectic thing about this Thanksgiving vacation, trying to talk to and fit in visiting time with as many friends and family as possible in my 4 days here.

I'm not looking forward to Sunday. Not only because I have to leave, but I hope to hell there is no fog at all. Coming into Baltimore on I-95 with pea soup fog going 55 is not fun at all. Next time my mom tells me to wait until the next morning, I just might listen. I am glad that the oil prices are lower here. Almost 20 cents lower which is completely awesome. Much better then DC which is 2.77 per gallon. Fucking ridiculous that is.


  1. Sounds really fun! Hopefully you'll be fog-free back to Tar Heel Land'

  2. Do you live in DC? You know, I'm sure LA oil price is over $3 per gallon. x-p

    Hope you have a fogless day tomorrow!


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