Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blame It On The Rain II

And so the 'Blame It On The Rain' Saga continues. Thelma, the car, after having survived the 4 minute drive to my friend's driveway, has died. She broke down about a hundred yards from the same place I got into a wreck at. This was about a week ago or so. After fighting and talking with my insurance company they have finally agreed to retro act my policy for before the accident occurred. So now I finally have full coverage and my car gets fixed on their dime. I guess they figured out they flubbed up to much and this was easier.

My car was estimated at 5700 dollars and can go up to 4000 worth of damages without being totaled. So far the estimator Chris said that the damages were about 2400 dollars in repairs and that's not counting what's wrong under the hood. I have no clue what's wrong under the hood. I was talking to my friend Penny and her mechanic boyfriend said that from the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like my engine seized up or tranny quit or anything like that. He said it might be something simple and shouldn't be anymore then 600 dollars to fix. I hope he's right or else they will total the car and I'm slightly screwed. Only slightly though since I'll get the money for the car and will have a 5 day rental to get a new one.

Thankfully my policy also covers towing of the car to Rocky Mount from Zebulon. Today after fully waking up I get the delightful job of calling around for estimates and hoping that the place I decide to go with will be reputable and also do me a solid by not letting the cost of fixing the car go over 4000. My friend told me that if you explain to them that insurance is going to pay them they know that they're going to get the money and will sometimes not let the cost of fixing it go over the cost for it to be totaled since they don't get money that way and everyone wins. Let's hope so.

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  1. An insurance agency screwing up? You almost never hear of that happening. Frankly I'm shocked. [See: Sarcasm]
    At any rate, good luck on getting your car fixed up. I've been on that end before and it sucks.


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