Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blame It On The Rain

I never thought this would happen to me. I'm such a good driver. But I got into an accident today. Had the car for a whole year, spent most of my life living in the city, no accidents. Move out of state where there are hardly any cars anywhere at any given time and bam! Rear end someone. I guess that's irony for you. I am thankful though that no one was hurt. My friend Scott got some bad whiplash though, but other then that, no one was hurt and no paramedics were called or anything like that. The girl seemed rather nice just shaken up; but then again, they're all like that at first right before they sue you. I just really hope she's not that type to try and lie her ass off to get money. Especially because I have none.

I'm so pissed, not really at myself though, it really wasn't my fault. I wasn't speeding and the person in front of this chick stopped to turn into a gas station so she had to stop suddenly and that means I had to stop suddenly. It was also raining which means I hydroplaned right into her. I didn't know my car could skid two car lengths ahead of me. Took me by damn surprise.

My car took the brunt of the damage. My left headlight is now hanging by a literal thread and busted out, the hood of the car is slightly crumpled near the headlight and my fender is cracked near my licence plate. Her car? Nice sized dent in the bumper....that's fucking it!! Her damn paint wasn't even scratched and I got a left turn signal that acts all crazy! I also got a citation from the state trooper that was called into the place for "failing to decrease speed so as to avoid a collision". Which is stupid since I slammed on the damn breaks, there was literally nothing I could do but to crank the wheel so hard I threw my car into the ditch to the right of me; or put myself into incoming traffic to the left. He also made a mistake on the citation and wrote down under accident 'NO' which makes no sense. I'm not sure if I should try and fight it or not, my friend Penny thinks I should and my Grandma says I should call the insurance company and ask them.

That's the sucky thing too. I accidentally left all my insurance papers at Scott's house, now I have to wait until tomorrow to call Geico. Stupid me.

I hope everything works out ok, I mean it should, I have full coverage. Still so mad about my once beautiful car though.


  1. I am so glad you are ok.
    It's just a shame you get the blame for mother nature. You shouldn't be the one at fault for the rain.
    It's a real pain when you have an accident, but there is only one you.

  2. Man, that SUCKS! Glad no one was seriously hurt. Hydroplaning is the worst. I've been in a couple of wrecks -- also in rural North Carolina. Also no one hurt, but big car damage. Best of luck getting back on track'

  3. Aw, I'm so sorry...
    If it makes you feel any better, I got into 5-6 accidents. I lost count. but the last one, I totally destroyed the car. We sold it for a measly...$500?
    Oh, and I did not have insurance. Boo hooooo!!


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