Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Can Has Adoptions?

Found a new site, courtesy of facebook. It's called Adoptaguy. The website only has a little flash of pink women picking out pink boyfriends for their pink shopping carts. And a place for you to put in your e-mail address for an invitation when the site officially opens or starts or whatnot. I've looked at their facebook page and still have yet to know exactly what I've signed up for. It doesn't say at all. I've heard two hypothesis on what it could be, either a dating website; which would make perfect sense. Or someone said something about getting a grow your own boyfriend type of toy; which would be really freaking cute and neat.

I'm hoping it's something weird and cool and not a dating website. Not that I have anything against dating websites. But unless the dude is up for just a friendship, pen pal or swinger type friendship I have no use for them as I already have a significant other.

On an entirely unrelated note, I found a new way to get to North Carolina. If I take the 95 south exit near the Home Depot near my house in Baltimore I go through Virginia and completely bypass Washington DC on the way, which is freaking awesome. However coming through the other way, going to Baltimore that is, there is no way to avoid it. Fortunately I'm only in there for like 10 minutes.

So annoyed at the moment. I hope to Gods that K-Mart calls me back. Don't really want to work there, but I have no choice at the moment and money is money. I have begun to realize that jobs posted online with Monster or Better Greenville Jobs or Job Search or what have you, all either require a level of expertise or some sort of degree that I just don't have and therefore am not qualified for. It also doesn't help that our budgets for gas is tight and I can really only take Scott to work and back since the mooching roomie we live with keeps asking for more money from him. This means that to really look for jobs I have to drive into town, and since I've spent all my extra money I came in here with, I can't do that. I'm actually to broke to look for a job, so pathetic isn't it?

I hate not having a job.

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