Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Belated New Year!

I hope every one's new year was a lot better then mine with more drinking and partying! So much good news, the car is now in the shop and apparently the emergency shut off switch was activated after the crash, which in turn, I think, shut off the fuel line. So hopefully all they have to do is disconnect my computer in the car and connect it again.

Hopefully my money that I had to basically steal back from my Mom will be coming quickly so I can pay the bill at storage. If not....possibly good bye baby pictures and my Book Of Shadows. Not that I can't make another BOS, but they're such a pain in the ass to make and such. All the collecting and organization and blah blah blah.

Also, I have a place to live in Baltimore when I move down so no couch surfing and living in my car until I find residence. My friend Penny and her father and her grandma are all fighting over me. Yay! I still just don't understand my Mom really. The night I moved out they started moving my little brother into that room and for two months I've been hearing nothing but begging and pleading from her and my step father to come back home. That I can always come back and have a place to stay. Then when it turns out that I want to come back because I truly can't make it down here and need work, all of a sudden there is no room for this virgin at the inn. WTF mate?!

With everyone making New Year goals and resolutions I've been thinking what I want mine to be and have come up with some of mine:

1. To have a really good paying job and place to live so my out of country boyfriend can come and live with me. I've known and dated Jeremy for 7 years now, and I can't stand to have him so far away any longer. He's such a cute Canuck.

2. To get the car payed off this year! Woot for title in my name!

3. To blog more. I have been slacking.

4. I want this year to be the year I finally start putting down ink to paper and start either making preliminary comics for the online comic I want to make or stop procrastinating and start finishing novels and stories I've been writing for the Gods know how many months...or years. *shame*

5. Take better care of myself and find a way to let out my anxiety and anger issues that doesn't end in a relapse of self harm. I am actually slightly ashamed, if only for myself, that I did have a relapse or two in the self harming area within the past month. Stress just got way to big for me and that's not an excuse I know. I have to get it through my head that the calming down that comes directly after is not greater then the shame and anger that comes later for letting myself do stuff like that. And while this time's episode didn't leave me with anything that will scar; I have three very old, small scars that prove that sometimes they do, which is not something I want. Especially because I was doing so good. A year....and now I have to start over.

and on a last and lighter note, I also would like a good digicam and to start cooking more and slightly food blogging. I haven't done a 'So You Think You Can Cook' post in a while and the other foodie blogs get me jealous! Haha!

So now I bid you adieu! Tonight feels like an Addams Family marathon night.

What are some of ya'lls new year goals?


  1. Sounds like a good bunch of goals. So you do comics, what kind? And yes you should do some food blogging. Those are always fun.

  2. I guess I would classify them as manga because that's the form they're in. And I'm a fan of comedy. I've been thinking of a plot for something dramatic or horror, but I keep going back to being funny lol. I'm better at horror and such with writing though, but drawing is so much quicker. :p

  3. Hey, AD, good luck and Happy New Year! With car, job, ducats, bf and living space! And salud, eat well and all that good stuff'

  4. I think you've listed some really critical, necessary, and productive goals. I hope you achieve each and every single one of them and more.
    And yes, blog more! Hahah! Time to make US jealous of YOUR food blogging! ;-)

  5. It will be great to watch The Addams Family, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.


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