Thursday, January 7, 2010

Slender Man

I think Slender Man is out to get me.

That's a joke, but a horribly creepy one. I've been reading stories about him and such like a fiend lately in the never-ending quest to creep myself out. And creep myself out I have, especially when other people in the forum about him start to mention the subject of tulpas. A tulpa is basically a fear that starts to become real because you gave it energy in the form of thinking about it and actively fearing it and such. I don't think they're limited to just fears though, it can be anything even something positive; but it works the other way as well.

I was out on the porch about 3 nights ago, smoking a cigarette because the deal with the car was just having me on edge. I start thinking about Slender Man like you sometimes do when it's dark and spooky out and you're alone. He's really tall and thin and dresses in a black suit and has no facial features. Some people say that he sometimes has just two glowing orbs for eyes and a slit mouth, sometimes it's just the mouth, his skin looking like it stopped growing at like age 9 but he just kept getting taller. Sometimes he is described with tendrils of darkness creeping from his body, other times, just as many hands that resemble the branches of trees that he likes to hide near. And the fact that he likes to steal children and spear people onto tree branches when he is done doing whatever it is to them that he does is enough to put me off camping forever.

Down here in North Carolina there is nothing but trees everywhere and there are no streetlights save for like one, everything is pitch black. So I'm staring off into space and that horrible thought creeps into your head, 'you know, if Slender Man really was after you, he'd be behind you.' Instinctively I turn around and there is a tall man dressed all in black walking down the street who breaks out into a run. I just about screamed and peed. Yes peed, almost, not ashamed to say I almost had to change my drawers. It was just one of the neighbors but still, so scary.

So the tulpa thing is still running through my head and the crappy thing about getting creeped out and then being told to not think about it because that gives the thing power is wind up thinking about it. Like obsessively! The room I sleep in is drafty like a mother and even with the blinds drawn down if you came onto the porch you could still see in a little bit. Enough to look into the room and the bed is right near the window, so someone could totally spy on me sleeping. I have the blanket pulled up over my head because it's cold and am checking facebook when right by the window there is a sound that sounds like a mix between a squeaky wheel and a whining dog. I froze and a chorus of 'don't look, don't look' starts running through my head. It's that horror movie fear where you know that the killer is at the door and you shouldn't open it. It's the point in the movie where you're screaming at the TV 'get out of the house! He's already in there!'

It stops after a minute or so and I look and nothing is there. Leaving me to only guess as to what the hell was making the noise in the first place. We have a big porch, and there are no wheels...but there is a stray dog that sometimes walks up and down the street.

I hate this room too, the horrible diy paint job gives it a slightly claustrophobic feel to it. The walls are forest green and the paint extends up from the walls to slightly cover the ceiling like they're closing in on you. And of course at night that's when the shadows come out...and is that a shadow on the wall, or a tendril of darkness sneaking up on you?

Sleep tight readers....and don't look behind you ;)


  1. Very interesting post.

    I've heard of this before on Coast to Coast with George Noory but have never known anyone who actually had a fear of slenderman. Any idea of where it came from?

  2. I know it was originated on a forum. The creep factor has died down a bit, back to ghost hunting I guess for me, lol. Now the neighbor thing is just funny, but it was so screwed up at the time, haha.

    And is it just me, or does slender man remind anyone of decker from nightbreed?

  3. Oh gosh. That's creepy. The way you described him, I kept imagining Voldermort.

  4. Creepy, indeed. I think I've seen him somewhere . . .

  5. I think we come from different worlds. You call him the Slender Man. Where I'm from they're called crackheads.They are frightening at times. To combat them you shine a light into their bloodstained eyes and throw your pocket change in the opposite direction. Crisis averted. Also I too wish your comment form was shiny.

    You're welcome.

  7. check out this song about slender man....

  8. Nikky-I love Marble Hornets!

    Lil - I shall keep that in mind for next time..especially since I am back in Baltimore. :p

  9. hi this sit is pretty creepy iv seen better

  10. Anon- Thank you? lol. This site isn't really suppossed to be a 'creepy' site, hence why a majority of the posts have nothing to do with scary stuff. It's just random shit I feel like writing about.

  11. i found this site because i was just talking to my friend online. he lives in NC and apparantly just had a man who either was or appeared to be slender man, and when he called the police, "slender man" killed one then ran off after having one of his limbs blown off. im not sure if im being trolled, so if anyone sees slender man missing a limb, let me know so i can shit myself

    1. Maybe Slendy is like a starfish and can regenerate his tentacle limb whatevers.


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