Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Can't Rain All The Time

Sometimes I feel like a walking curse. Just got out of the hospital a week ago because the cellulitis came back, now my friend's YiaYia has died. I was doing really good mentally and emotionally and having good days, and I've been trying hard to keep it up. It just seems that as I start to do good and get better, everyone around me has been having relationship problems, dealing with bad health and depression. A lot of my loved ones are dying.

Sometimes I just really wonder how many hits I can take. Sometimes it just feels like I'm waiting for that one big straw to come and break the camel's back. Even though I'm having remarkably better days all around, I wonder how long it will keep up.

I'm also wondering if I have any clothes fit for a viewing and funeral. Or a long coat to hide crummy clothes and make it look like they're nice. Being poor is sucky....I also think I have lost a few pants along the way somehow. I just hope the nice, black slacks can be found.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Really Need To Fix My Window....

Dear Hood rats and Crack-Heads of the Dundalk area,

As the owner of the car with the perpetually stuck window, I understand fully the temptation you must feel to try and car jack it at every available opportunity. But when you inevitably find that the only things I keep in it (for I am poor and not stupid as the case may be) are my novelty lipsticks and Napoleon Dynamite key chain; please put my belongings back where you found them after you have completed your hood rat acts.

Just because you feel the need to act like a dick, it doesn't mean you have to be sloppy about it.

Adorably Dead AKA The owner of the car you desperately try to steal things from even though there is nothing in it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a short post to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, We Stole Your Land Day, America Fuck Yeah Day....whatever you call it!

I'm so thankful for the barrel of monkeys I decide to consider family. Which includes the amazing set of friends that keep me grounded. I'm not sure where I'd be without them today. I'm thankful for all good things in my life and the job I have especially in this economy.

And I'm thankful for the pie...totally into this holiday for the pie.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

So I'm not dead....yet AKA Blogger Ketchup

Promise I'm not dead. So obviously I have gotten out of my work and had quite a few adventures trying to find housing which will be relayed....some other time. Possibly when I'm bored and have time.

I am back at my Mom's. Not optional and least optimal, but for the time being, being as I have a shitty job. You do what ya gotta do. I now have a cellphone, yay for me! And it is not pay by the minutes. Double yay! It gets Internets, but typing a blog using just your thumbs is a pain in the ass. I so need a laptop.

Main reason for not blogging other then trying to find a home, bill paying and being sent to the hospital. Joy of joys, I had cellulitis for like two months and a half. Trying to sleep with an IV in your arm is possible, but not fun. But I am thankfully well now...just a little leftover edema to the left leg and a very nice sized red patch of skin that is scarring of some sort, or some discoloration from the stupid infection. Also been dealing with some depressional and apathy issues.

The somewhat good thing about not keeping up with this thing for about a year is I've had time to think about if I want to make any changes to this. Still thinking actually....but I have been considering a facebook page for it. Facebooking on a phone is easier. ;p

But now that I'm getting things back together, I thought it was time to stop being lazy. so I'm back, and now I'm leaving....to go to bed. Catch everyone on the flipside.