Friday, November 26, 2010

I Really Need To Fix My Window....

Dear Hood rats and Crack-Heads of the Dundalk area,

As the owner of the car with the perpetually stuck window, I understand fully the temptation you must feel to try and car jack it at every available opportunity. But when you inevitably find that the only things I keep in it (for I am poor and not stupid as the case may be) are my novelty lipsticks and Napoleon Dynamite key chain; please put my belongings back where you found them after you have completed your hood rat acts.

Just because you feel the need to act like a dick, it doesn't mean you have to be sloppy about it.

Adorably Dead AKA The owner of the car you desperately try to steal things from even though there is nothing in it.


  1. That sounds reasonable. As long as they're going to be messing around not stealing anything, the least they can do is keep it tidy.

  2. >I wish my comment form was shiny.
    Give the intensedebate pluggin a try for your blog. i installed it a few days ago.


I wish my comment form was shiny.