Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost Reeling Me In

I don't think I've ever wanted a twitter account until now. Michael Ian Black's twitter account is awesome. He makes me want the tweety even more than Craig Ferguson and Patton Oswalt do combined. I mean I'm not going on the tweety, but he makes me want it. He's like Billy Mays or the Shamwow guy...only with twitter.

Here are some recent gems:
"I hope someone steals my identity and gives it a better life than I could."
"Rice Krispies treats give me a tummy boner." My Gods I'm so using this the work Christmas party... tomorrow.
"Why would someone pay to see 'The Beaver' when they can watch Mel Gibson have a mental breakdown for free?"
"Sometimes eating a burger is better for the soul than blowing the Dali Lama."

There's so many more though.

Also does anybody else notice that twitter is like facebook, only really simplified? Another thing, why have both twitter and facebook? I never got that. You can update your status from your phone as well.


  1. Twitter is instant. It's like IM-ing, except as you said, simplified. And you get to have massive discussion through the use of hashtags, or form your own twitter group. It's an amazing, useful tool for us journalists to keep track of the current trends, etc. It's also fantastic for research purposes. don't knock it until you try it fully! ;-)

  2. Sophiiieeeee!!!! It does have plenty of ups. And I think I now get what # are for. I tried looking up what they are used for and the explanation confuzzled me. I just love facebook so much :p


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