Thursday, December 16, 2010

Creeping Myself Out Again

So I've been spending time lately on a blog my friend suggested to me, knowing that I love creepy and spooky things and especially the mythos surrounding Slenderman. The blog is a Slenderman blog and so far is very awesome and creepy and does not disappoint. Making It Count is the blog. The owner of the blog is from Baltimore, so being as it's in the same city I live in makes it even creepier; especially when it mentions places that I've either heard of or are near.

But I've really got to learn to control myself when it comes to the creepy. I've been at work marathon reading this thing the whole time when I'm not on a phone call. And let me just say, reading like a billion blog posts about a blank faced stalker is not the best of ideas when you get off at midnight....and there are trees...everywhere around your work.

Also, tonight when I got off of work, I drove to the Royal Farms to get some gas for my car since it was running on fumes. On the way in I had to step over something to get into the store, I look down and what was it?

A fucking branch. All I could think was if I come out here and Slenderman is pumping my gas; I shall politely thank him...and then flip.

For anyone confused as to why I'm freaking about a tree branch, trees are connected with the Slenderman in a myriad of ways, but they're also where he prefers to hang the bodies of his victims from.

Oy vay, this is North Carolina all over again.


  1. lol, coincidences are fun, until they are creepy coincidences....

  2. haha, true. And apparently I haven't learned anything from last night since now I'm onto reading the Seeking Truth blog's posts. Unlike Celie, Zeke just jumps right into the weird and creepy, there's no little nice segue.


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