Friday, December 31, 2010

The Festival Of Trees Pt.2

After we looked at the cute little gingerbread houses, we moved onto look at the trees. It's been many years since I've been there, and even then I mainly only went after hours to help set up our tree when I was in the troop. I had forgotten how much work people put into decorating them, and how awesome they turn out. There were many, many themes and not all of them were Christmasy as you are about to see.

The spaghetti tree. Complete with fork.

Made by students from Towson University. The theme was Towson Monopoly. I loved the cute little TU tiger plushies.

This was a Through The Looking Glass themed tree. It had a mirror underneath that made the tree look right-side up when you looked into it. At first I thought they did something odd to it so you couldn't see yourself, but then my friend pointed out I just wasn't leaning over enough. She was right....I was freaking out for like a minute before she pointed it out.

Close up of the Wonderland tree. I loved the Cheshire smile they put in there. And the little bottles of purple stuff that said drink me. There were also little Mad Hatter hats and cards and keys. My pictures do not do it justice.

Go speed Santa, goooooooooo!

The first Halloween tree I saw. Loved the topper, although there was one that was better.

My troop's tree. Our theme was recycling. All ornaments are used out of recycled materials and we put donated toys under the tree. It sold for 150 dollars. Not too shabby.

Close up of the ornaments and presents. I helped make that can snowman. Please, do not gaze upon my work for too long lest your eyes melt from its glory.

Another tree made by a Girl Scout troop. I think the topper was a kite.

A closeup of their tree and why yes those are crab shell ornaments. Now you know you're in Baltimore. I remember my great grandmother used to save the crab shells and clean them and make these. Once she had a little nativity scene pasted into one.

Remember the Halloween tree with a better topper that I talked about. It was this one.

An awesome tree done by a middle school. They titled it 'One World, Our Earth'.

I don't know what the little hands were but they were painted beautifully.

A Baltimore tree with more crab shell ornaments. They even hung little tins of Old Bay on it! Believe you me, if people were not around, I would have stolen one of them. The cute ornaments, I can buy my own Old Bay.....ok the Old Bay too! But only because they were so tiny and cute!

Another Baltimore tree. This one had little painted screens all over it. Too bad people don't really do that anymore. When I was a kid lots of people had them, more so in the city you saw it.

Another shot of the same tree. This time with more Baltimore kitsch! Little Baltimore Hon's! Unfortunately I didn't get the topper on this one, I accidentally deleted it. It was a huge Baltimore Hon, with a big pink beehive hairdo, leopard print blouse and pink leggings. Neon green high heels and big pink wings! I honestly don't think they could have encompassed more of the Baltimore spirit in their tree had they tried.

This was my favorite tree there. A Calvin and Hobbes tree with an amazing flying saucer topper. They also had a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes comic books underneath it as well. And the cute little tiger striped balls were too much.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...Christmas trees?

The Mizer Brothers from the movie 'The Year Without Santa'.

And as promised here is the cute little wreath.

Next post is part three. There were other things there besides trees and gingerbread!


  1. Those are wicked sweet. And I so want that Calvin tree topper. Now my tree seems boring. lol

  2. Oh it was all I could do to not just get caught for theft of....everything while I was there.

  3. OKay, this post was super fun!!! I love the spaghetti tree (no surprise there)! Haha, these peeps are ingenius and so creative!


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