Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Like Real Trees Better


So this is my dinky, fiber-optic tree my mom has had for the past couple of years. I'm sorry if the pic is huge as fuck. My phone's touch screen only gives me so many options sometimes; apparently resizing might not be one of them. Also I can't highlight and had to hand type the html code photobucket gave me. So huge as fuck it stays.

I don't really celebrate Christmas, haven't for a long time. Well, being as I'm a pagan, that is to be expected. Tonight though, looking at our tiny, fake tree; I'm reminded of two things. Why I love real pine trees and what I miss from the winter holidays.

First off; a small tree just doesn't sit right with me. I'm so used to these huge, full trees that leave just enough ceiling room for a star and get in the way of everything. It's an all evening thing to decorate it. You need two people to do the front and sides and someone brave enough, or dumb enough, to venture between wall and tree to try and put glass ornaments and help wind lights with pine needles in their eyes. That's not counting the finesse it takes to get out from behind there without messing up your handywork.

Then of course there's the smell. ...Well for a while anyways. I only ever noticed the smell really for the first few days. But those first few days were like hanging out next to a really pretty air freshner.

But lastly what I miss is the taste. Yes I said taste. You see I grew up reading the American Girl books. I remember when it was just five girls. Samantha and Kirsten were my favorite. I was so into those books. My grandmother bought almost the whole series for each girl and I read them until they fell apart. I had the paper dolls and that stupid catalogue of thiers with the American Girl dolls I was embarressed to ask Mom for and to poor to have (of course I was poor, I was in 4th or 5th). I remembered reading about Kirsten biting into a pine needle and describing the fresh, strong taste it left in her mouth. So I did the same thing.

Let me say that pine needles taste very good. From what I remember almost weirdly minty. Just don't swallow them.

After that whenever I was in the small field across from my house playing if I was having a bad day I would bite into a pine needle and close my eyes for a few seconds and just kind of relax into the taste for a moment. Then after that I would play with really good breath.

I especially liked doing it to our Christmas tree. Standing in front of the tree when no one was around, I would just appreciate the sometimes pretty, sometimes fugly but sentimental or aments and then pluck a needle or two. Then I would bite into it and close my eyes and it was just me, in front of a tree, the taste of pine in my mouth and colored lights blinking through my eyelids. Sometimes with music that I could usually block out a little. There's only so many times you can listen to a midi version of 'We wish You A Merry Christmas.'

Looking back I think those were the times I was the most grounded in my life.

Oh well, atleast using the plastic one is more eco friendly I guess, but I still miss the real thing especially right now. I could go for a pine needle or two right now.

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  1. I got a tree last night. I don't feel like Christmas without that smell filling the place. They make a supplement for heart health out of a pine extract so I'm sure the needles have some benefits.


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