Sunday, December 5, 2010

If You And Your Fetus Got It....Flaunt It!

I love pregnant women. And I love pregnant women that love their bodies! I was just being so very lonesome at work on the overnight shift, when this picture of Alanis Morissette caught my eye in the bullshit tabloid I was reading (Well not this exact pose, this was taken from some website called splash news I believe. Wherever google image search led me to.). I think more pregnant women should wear bikinis to beaches. Especially tatted up, kick ass ones like Mrs. Morissette.

Somebody really needs to come out with a line of revealing beach wear for the preggos. If I was the owner of a store I'd sell it. They could name the line something like: 'Fertile Mystique'. ...Or maybe something less froofy then that.

Pregnant women are beautiful! You hear me preggos? Flaunt those round moon bellies!


  1. I bet it would sell. How about Pregkinis?

  2. I googled pregkinis! They exist! They're pretty but the ones I saw look like little dresses.


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