Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tom Green Did It First

I love Steven Colbert, not as much as John Stewart, but I love him. Especially when either of them are being particularly ballsy, like tonight... Or maybe it was last night, I normally only watch demand. For every night that Wall Street Banker Buckley Rachtman doesn't come on his show to discuss their bonuses with him, he's going to reveal a digit of his credit card number. For anyone who didn't catch it, tonight's number is the number 5, brought to you by the letters S and C.

I actually wonder how far down the line of numbers he'll get.

Also, apparently a marriage organization is trying to get gay marriage banned in the gay mecca yet again. You know, I think when a person like Arnold Schwarzenegger is like "Ah what the hell. Let 'em put a ring on it."; it's over! Let it go, you've lost this battle, you'll eventually lose your unconstitutional war, our community is gaining ground. Even the NAACP knows this shit isn't right.


  1. I haven't watched Colbert in a couple months. That's pretty hilarious.

  2. I know. The bank sent him a letter telling him to send the card back at once and on air he copies the numbers down and goes, "That's ok you have it, I don't need it anymore."

    The man's cajones are made of brass and the size of Texas. And this is why he rocks. Lol.


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