Monday, December 20, 2010

The Trick To Getting Good Service

A couple of nights ago we had no food in the house and I had just gotten off work at midnight. My friend had told me of a Slenderman blog, and has thusly renewed my interest in him. I was trying to come up with my own theory on him and found it's very hard to concentrate on writing and looking things up when your stomach is punching itself with hunger. Thankfully we have a 24 hour diner nearby since it was 1 am.

I went to the Broadway Diner on Eastern Avenue and was seated, after I told the waiter what I wanted I brought out my notebook and pen and started looking things up and logging them, like you do when you are researching a cryptid. I was brought my food and sampled everything and then went back to writing, when automatically, like five seconds later after just having dropped off my food, my waiter comes over asking me if everything was OK and if I needed anything. I told him everything was fine and was kind of weirded out when I realized that he thought I was some sort of food critic or reviewer. Needless to say I got awesome service, more so than normal. So I thought, what the hell, why not actually review the meal since I kind of acted the part anyways and mark my first foodie post with this one. Well..technically third I believe.

The Broadway Diner is an awesome diner. I've never had any problems with them before in regards to service, the wait staff is very nice and the place is always clean. The lighting is diner lighting, so I think nothing more needs to be said about that (it's not a bad thing, I just mean it's bright inside and you can actually see).

I ordered the Dolmades and the Reuben, because that sandwich is always relevant and awesome.

The Dolmades are served cold on a bed of veggies with two cups of Tzatziki sauce. I love the sauce. It's so very thick and creamy. I've only had Dolmades a couple of times and never cold before. I always remembered them served warm. But they came nicely chilled and were a nice size for about six bucks. My only qualm with them is that they were slightly greasy tasting. Just enough to notice it, but not enough to put me off of them. I have no clue what meat was in them, but I think it was beef. There was a nice lemony taste throughout them. It reminded me of what little I've had of YiaYia's cooking, especially some of her soups. Very lemony. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of them, because I didn't think of it at the time. I still prefer them warm and I wish they came with that option.

However I did take a picture of what came next. The Reuben.

It came with a small cup of very yummy coleslaw. It wasn't too sweet and was kind of dry, which was fine with me because I hate liquidy coleslaw. Actually I usually hate coleslaw itself. The fries were crispy and everything was hot, but obviously I was not there for the fries.

I think the Broadway Diner has some of the best Reuben's I've ever had. They're always hot and come with the dressing on the side. I hate places that put the dressing on for you, sometimes it's too much and it completely takes away from the sandwich. They have a choice of corned beef or pastrami, I chose pastrami, and they pastrami that shit up. The meat is so juicy and yummy and there's lots of it.

I apologize for the blur, it was the best pic I could take. After this I stopped taking pics because even though it was mainly me there, I got very self conscious. I tried to make it look like I was texting while holding the phone oddly for texting, but I think they know I was taking pictures. I'm very not used to just snapping shots of food. The only thing that annoys me with the sandwich is that the bottom is kind of soggy from the sauerkraut; you have to eat it carefully sometimes.

So there you have it. My first actual review/foodie blog post with pics. And if you ever want really good service, remember to take along a journal and pen with you. And if you are in Baltimore and in the mood for diner food, visit the Broadway Diner.


  1. That's great. I'm going to have to remember to take a pen and pad with me the next time I go out to eat somewhere. I love that you just went with it and wrote a review of a diner.

  2. Hey, us bloggers are food critics on our own right. Our words and opinions have got power, man! Haha! Strangely enough, no one has mistaken me as a food critic ever, despite my DSLR. Probably because I still look like a kid.

  3. TS- I love that diner, it's got awesomeness in the food as one of the main ingredients lol. I had to give them props, especially if I'm going to be making them nervous with my notepad and pen.

    Sophia- This is very true! And you so do not look like a kid! :p You just look like a college student. Maybe they think you're doing weird photo art projects, haha.


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