Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So That's How You Sign That

One of my Girl Scouts recently introduced me to this video and I just wanted to share it as I am wont to do. It's a Sign Language student (I believe either 2nd or 3rd year) signing Cee-Lo's 'Fuck You' for her final. I love how into the song she gets and does little dance moves while signing.

My Scout told me that it was a French Sign Language class. Interesting fact that my ASL student friend told me is that America gets about 90 percent of their signs from the French Sign Language. Neato. This makes me want to get even more serious about learning sign language. That and I've been wanting to make a 'It Gets Better' video, but with sign language accompanying the words.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Please Let This Happen In My Lifetime

On one of the forums I visit has been talking about the star Betelgeuse possibly going supernova sometime between the next million years and When it does that the light from the explosion will be so bright that it will look like we have a second sun for a couple of weeks with no night.

Also of course there is talk about linking it to 2012 (which I really don't believe in as far as 'ho'shit everything will end' type of way), but many of the articles I've been reading and its wiki page say that the explosion and the resulting black hole will be too far to do any harm to us (640 light years too far). However that being said, I hope to the Gods that it happens sometime next year. In fact I hope that it happens two weeks to a month before the Mayan shit in December is supposed to go down. And since it's giving us 24 hour light; I hope that on the 21st of December that the light show ends...when it should naturally be night time. The amount of freaking out people would do would be absolutely delightful. It would be like the universe itself was trolling Earth.

The joy of seeing people pee themselves notwithstanding, I've read (from third parties IE: replies by people who are way more into space and astrology and all that than I am or possibly ever could be) and been told that Betelgeuse is so far away that even the observations scientists have made of it's shrinking and impending collapse, have already happened and are now just reaching us (when I read it, it was explained so much better than that). Which means that the light will be about 600 or so years old. How awesome is that? It's like time traveling to the past and you don't even need a Deloreon or crazy garage scientist that looks like he smells of whiskey to do it.

In other acts of God, I have finally joined the ranks of those that have a Twitter account. Yes, I now tweet...and I must admit that I like it. Fellow blogger Sophia was right. It is a lot like instant messaging. I do not regret it and it seems better than using a facebook page to promote things.

It's not hard to learn how to use, although apparently you can overuse hashtags, so I now use them only when appropriate (OK, not always, but way less then the first day I joined) after reading hashtag etiquette articles. I hope no one thought I was some kind of spammer, it's just that hashtags You can stalk me @AdorablyDead1. I promise to try and be either interesting or amusing and sometimes both.

*Betelgeuse article reference:
Huffington Post Article
Mail Online Article
Discover Magazine Blog Post
If anyone is an aspiring astronomer or really smart and I got something wrong about Betelgeuse, let me know in the comments.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Atleast We're Not Number One

As my Mom was the one in the living room watching TV, I was subjected to the news tonight. Apparently Baltimore is the 7th rudest city in America. I'm not sure that's entirely true. In my opinion, the general populace is whiny and stupid. They can't help being rude, they don't know what they're doing, they're Baltimorons. Then you have the part of the population that has bouts of rudeness caused by frustration from others stupidity. It's a catch 22.

So there you go, you want to combat rudeness, grow a brain and practice patience; beyond that I don't know what to tell you(O.K., actually some of us are pretty rude, but truth be told a lot of the people I come in contact with aren't half bad. Do not let the news scare you away from Baltimore, let the muggings do that).

Speaking of rude people, my ex-gay has been texting me again. I've never seen someone not take no for an answer. Me and him have known each other for about 10 years and he's always been somewhat of a mooch and has been known to stretch the truth. Over the years it just got worse and kind of blindsided me and my friends when we caught him in a string of lies and backstabbing. Not to mention he also stole money from my friends.

He wants to know if I'm still mad and if we can talk. It makes me sad, I love him, I do, but I can't be his friend anymore. I've forgiven him, but I can't forget. Truth be told also, my life has gotten so much more better now that I've ditched him and some other more toxic friends. I'm doing so much more better mentally and it's starting to show outwardly as well. I'm constantly having good days, not days where I'm all mopey and secretly upset and depressed or just blah. I'm not about to give any little bit of that up. However I do believe I'll have to block this number he texted me on, which makes it the 4th or 5th number from him I've had to block.

He's very persistent. I've also had to have security chase him away from my work. My friends tell me to change the cellphone number. I don't think I should have to. I'm so tired of changing my cellphone number. I've gong through so many pay by minute phones, now I have an actual phone. A nice sleek little palm pixi that's due for an upgrade (woot!). I should not have to change something of mine for the umpteenth time because someone can't take a hint.

He hasn't texted in 2 days, but I'm not sure what to do. If I was sure that he had completely changed and done a 180 I would think about it; but I know he hasn't. When I really think about it, the whole thing makes me kind of glum. He had his good merits for sure, but I just can't take it anymore. I hope he doesn't try and contact me anymore.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been expanding my music tastes in the nerdcore world. Today I have found out that MC Chris is not the only nerd rapper out there. Silly to think he was, but I've only ever heard of him.

Then I found MC Lars. And now I am so enamoured with MC Frontalot. I think he's so cute, I don't know why, and the way he dances when he raps is hilarious. He reminds me of some weird type of robot.

Here he is in "Original Gamer" with MC Lars. He's the one doing the father's voice.

And here is his song "Goth Girls", which I can't stop listening to.

What I do think is funny about the song Goth Girls though is the claim he makes that the goth chicas he's tried hitting on shun the nerd crowd. Which is odd if you are taking the lyrics as truth that they actually happened to him and all that. I always thought that goth and nerd went quite well together. I mean, with me and my friends really, it always seemed that you couldn't have one without the other. I've always considered myself to be both. Whatever, this goth girl would love to *pull the cobwebs from the ceiling with that nerd boy. Then after we could play Dungeons and Dragons or take turns with The Tower Of Druaga.

MC Chris is still my favorite, but I'll be damned if Frontalot isn't almost going to take his spot.

Anyway, I shall end this post on a cute ass note. Look at my friends baby pitbulls, they're one month old now. And so damn cute!

Here they are enjoying treats next to their mama Asia. She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. It's so funny, she gets kind of jealous of the attention that her puppies get, so she's always vying for pettings.

And here they are taking a nap.

I wish I had saved the pictures of them when they were only five days old. They were so tiny and looked like little furry piglets, and they squeaked. It was so adorable.

*If anyone is wondering if 'Pulling the cobwebs from the ceiling' is some sort of euphemism (and an odd and slightly disturbing one at that) it is actually a dance move. And the only one I can do, haha (not really, but yes).

Friday, January 14, 2011

So Glad It's Tax Time

I honestly don't think that the eye exam can wait any longer. I cannot wait to get the tax money back. My glasses are so beat up, they're losing their rhinestones and constantly smudged. On top of that it's been two years since my last eye exam so... I guess the fact that I'm now just needing actually pretty good to be honest.

I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much money I now have available since I've taken up that year long personal challenge of mine. Went to Trader Joe's a couple of days ago, and forgot why I normally go on Mondays. The place was so jam packed not even the hipsters could get in. But I got to buy some new food stuffs to try so that made me happy. Like couscous, which is apparently awesome!

Or these little odd balls. Look at them. That is pasta. They look like tiny coin purses!

And this...

I didn't open it because it has frozen butter sauce or whatever it is inside. I had to buy it though after continuously reading this foodie blogger's praises of the food that is gnocchi.

And then there was this...

I never knew that you could make flour out of peanuts! I bought this more as a curiosity than anything else. Apparently you can use it like any other flour, but it has no gluten and a slight peanut taste (duh) depending on how defatted it was and how dark a roast I believe. I want to make something so badly with it, but I have no clue what right it's just taking up space in the cabinet for now.

Also, awesome accomplishment of the day. I cooked I would guess it was a stir fry?, for lunch. Put some oil in a pan, and then added onions, peppers and tofu and some soy sauce, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Nothing really fancy. I wanted so badly to use the mushrooms but...apparently my fungus grew fungus. Not fun. Lunch smelled so good that my brother, 15 year old picky eater, willingly ate some tofu (get this!) after I told him what it was.

And he didn't pull a face or spit it out. He made an 'Why this is interesting' face and considered it; even, dare I say it, liked it! Oh I am getting things done left and right and trying new things and am just on a roll this week. I also heard of some banks looking for tellers. I would love it so much if I could get a second part time job at one. This has been a most awesome week.

While I was out at Trader Joe's I hit up the Barnes and Nobles. After buying the prerequisite mangas (which if anyone is a dorkass Otaku like me, might I suggest 'Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei: The Power Of Negative Thinking'. Hilarious, dark humored read about a suicidal teacher looking for the best place to die.) a book caught my eye and begged to be bought on the way out. It was 'How To Read Literature Like A Professor' By:Thomas C. Foster. I had already ordered 'How Not To Write A Novel' By: Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman (At least I hope that's the one I ordered. I had forgotten their names and my palm pixi was in the car. Oops.) I've heard it's really funny, smart and informative.

So is Thomas Foster's. Although it is more of a learn how to read between the lines type of book. However I figured that while I work on my plots and characters for my book, learning how to read analytically couldn't hurt either. That's my theory anyway. I wish that I could take one of his classes, but he teaches in Maine I think. I can't remember. I was afraid his book would be boring, but he's very funny and keeps your attention. Not to mention that his chapters are hilariously named and pretty short and to the point with really good examples. You get what he means and you're not bogged down with 20 pages of reading.

So that was my week thus far. I hope everyone is having a damn fine week as well.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Writing Yet, But Getting There

I’ve been mulling over in my head a….quadrilogy (Is that even a word?) of books. Well actually that’s only somewhat true. I’ve been thinking up stories for a couple of books, a book trilogy, a different quadrilogy and some comics that I’ve been wanting to create for quite some time now. My creativity with ideas can be very….overactive. It can be more annoying then useful though more often than not. Leaving me with half finished projects while thinking up of newer ones.

This one referenced in the opening sentence of this post however, has been taking up more space in my brain then usual. I’ve been procrastinating (horrible, horrible Adorably Dead!)for a bit now on writing them; but the barrage of awesome conversations between characters and scenes that has been filling my dome is now making this nigh impossible. So I believe that I will begin by creating a timeline because I am forgetful and that will help me keep track of things.

I also need to start making character sheets of sorts to flesh them out. I hate half thought out characters. At least I think that’s what they’re called. Or what the D&D nerd in me is going to call them.

I never was the sort of person that could just sit down and write, more often then not I need to organize my thoughts and plots or it all comes out jumbled and I forget 70 percent of it. That’s the reason why a good bunch of my blog posts may seem rambley. I don’t always take time to pre write them so they can get kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ like.

The only thing that’s kind of holding me back from actually sitting down and writing them other than the lack of organization is I don’t have a laptop and I loathe long hand writing. I mean loathe it. If it were a person I’d push them off a bridge with no remorse and type a letter of condolences to their family because I’m not writing that shit out. But I guess I will have to get used to it. Like a mismatched buddy comedy or whatnot.

I also just don’t know what to call the books. I want them to be four coming of age type, teen books about a group of friends and the crap they have to go through. I wonder if a series of books really needs one title to bind them together or if they can just be named different things? I mean, I do see the reasoning for having one title to let people know they’re in the same series and then the subtitles to differentiate. I know not all books do that though, I just can’t think of any examples.

I’m so very bad with titling works. Maybe I can find an online generator and just keep hitting it until it spits out something that I can alter and work with or like.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Festival Of Trees Pt.3

So another year has come and went, Happy New Year blogosphere and everything in and out of it! This year I didn't really make any resolutions, because I know if I don't get them done on time I'll just annoy myself; also who needs the added stress in their lives? I know I don't, I have too much crap to do and too many other goals to accomplish to worry about a specific goal with a specific date. That and I couldn't really think of any. I feel it's better to just do something at my own pace that I'm comfortable with, plus I have 43 Things to help me with them.

I did however give myself a personal challenge for this year, just out of curiosity to see if I could do it really. This year I am going to try to completely abstain from sweets, sodas and take out food. I am completely addicted to candy, so this should help me in the long run. Plus I'll be healthier which is good, and since I tend to forget lunch and order out at work a lot (OK, so sometimes it's not so much forgetting as it is...'forgetting'); this will be good for my wallet! I already know it's going to be hard, I am completely jonesing for a soda and a McDonald's hamburger.

This year better be better than the last one.

Enough rambling, on to the post.

There was a lot more to the Festival than the trees. There were tons of vendors selling all types of things. Like Wildtree All-Natural Foods. I was extremely sorry that at that time I didn't have any money, because their stuff just looked so yummy and interesting. They have a Chipotle Lime Rub and a bunch of ready to make soups and bread mixes that I wanted to try so badly. There was also this vendor that one of my Jessie's (known forever more as Chicky) loved. Todd's Dirt. I however wasn't feeling well at that point in the day and am not used to eating things in the morning. So I didn't get to try any of his dips. But Chicky liked them so much she plunked down about 20 bucks on a spice bundle.

My favorite food vendor of them all was who I bought from before leaving for the day. Fudgie Wudgie's. Their fudge was the best I had ever eaten. And they had other interesting things too.
Like these gummy butterflies. I wound up buying some of the gummy bears, which apparently were more flavorful because they had more juice in them.

They also had these huge ass things. I promise that somewhere in there, there is an least that is what the sign said.

The festival also had this huge toy train set up in the middle of the floor. One of the trains had a camera attached to it and there was a TV it hooked up to in the middle of the setup.


These pretty...and expensive sounding gourd birdhouses. And whatever the hell these cute little chicken things were.

There was this other vendor selling the neatest thing I've ever seen. A bubble fog machine.

And they had some live entertainment. When we were there it was this band Milkshake that makes rock songs for kids. They were cute at first, and I did like their song 'Bottle of Sunshine' they sang.

After a while though, this...gets really annoying and even watching a cute chick prancing in a tutu on stage is not enough to keep me interested. Nor are the hot guitarists.

There was also a petting zoo, with an antagonistic duck.

No lie. About two minutes after I took this photo of the ducks, and put my phone away, this duck flew at the bunny that shared their pen and bit the hell out of it, then just walked away. It was the most gangsta thing I've ever seen. The bunny was unhurt it seemed, but duly freaked out. And the lady in charge of the petting zoo provided some me at least; she saw it fit to very loudly scold the duck, like it knew what she was saying. Or cared really. This duck just didn't give a fuck.

I was so annoyed I couldn't get evidence of this. By the time I took out my phone and set it up to record they were done.

There were also animals you couldn't pet, like corn snakes and lizards....and hissing cockroaches...for some reason.

Merry Christmas, have a roach infestation.

After that and walking around some more, my work called in to let me know I was supposed to have been in about an hour ago. So I had to leave. Next time I'll make sure to double check my schedule or take time off. My work didn't really care that much they know I'm a ditz; I seem to have the same 'gift' with jobs as George Costanza did. No matter what we do we can not get fired. It is amazing the things I have gotten away with at past jobs.

There's not too much to do at the Festival besides look at the trees and see the vendors and such, but I'm glad I did it and I want to go again next year...or really this year I should say!

Edit: I just realized that the spell checker for the blog, doesn't recognize the word 'Chipotle' but does recognize the word 'Costanza'. Really blogger? Really?