Saturday, January 1, 2011

Festival Of Trees Pt.3

So another year has come and went, Happy New Year blogosphere and everything in and out of it! This year I didn't really make any resolutions, because I know if I don't get them done on time I'll just annoy myself; also who needs the added stress in their lives? I know I don't, I have too much crap to do and too many other goals to accomplish to worry about a specific goal with a specific date. That and I couldn't really think of any. I feel it's better to just do something at my own pace that I'm comfortable with, plus I have 43 Things to help me with them.

I did however give myself a personal challenge for this year, just out of curiosity to see if I could do it really. This year I am going to try to completely abstain from sweets, sodas and take out food. I am completely addicted to candy, so this should help me in the long run. Plus I'll be healthier which is good, and since I tend to forget lunch and order out at work a lot (OK, so sometimes it's not so much forgetting as it is...'forgetting'); this will be good for my wallet! I already know it's going to be hard, I am completely jonesing for a soda and a McDonald's hamburger.

This year better be better than the last one.

Enough rambling, on to the post.

There was a lot more to the Festival than the trees. There were tons of vendors selling all types of things. Like Wildtree All-Natural Foods. I was extremely sorry that at that time I didn't have any money, because their stuff just looked so yummy and interesting. They have a Chipotle Lime Rub and a bunch of ready to make soups and bread mixes that I wanted to try so badly. There was also this vendor that one of my Jessie's (known forever more as Chicky) loved. Todd's Dirt. I however wasn't feeling well at that point in the day and am not used to eating things in the morning. So I didn't get to try any of his dips. But Chicky liked them so much she plunked down about 20 bucks on a spice bundle.

My favorite food vendor of them all was who I bought from before leaving for the day. Fudgie Wudgie's. Their fudge was the best I had ever eaten. And they had other interesting things too.
Like these gummy butterflies. I wound up buying some of the gummy bears, which apparently were more flavorful because they had more juice in them.

They also had these huge ass things. I promise that somewhere in there, there is an least that is what the sign said.

The festival also had this huge toy train set up in the middle of the floor. One of the trains had a camera attached to it and there was a TV it hooked up to in the middle of the setup.


These pretty...and expensive sounding gourd birdhouses. And whatever the hell these cute little chicken things were.

There was this other vendor selling the neatest thing I've ever seen. A bubble fog machine.

And they had some live entertainment. When we were there it was this band Milkshake that makes rock songs for kids. They were cute at first, and I did like their song 'Bottle of Sunshine' they sang.

After a while though, this...gets really annoying and even watching a cute chick prancing in a tutu on stage is not enough to keep me interested. Nor are the hot guitarists.

There was also a petting zoo, with an antagonistic duck.

No lie. About two minutes after I took this photo of the ducks, and put my phone away, this duck flew at the bunny that shared their pen and bit the hell out of it, then just walked away. It was the most gangsta thing I've ever seen. The bunny was unhurt it seemed, but duly freaked out. And the lady in charge of the petting zoo provided some me at least; she saw it fit to very loudly scold the duck, like it knew what she was saying. Or cared really. This duck just didn't give a fuck.

I was so annoyed I couldn't get evidence of this. By the time I took out my phone and set it up to record they were done.

There were also animals you couldn't pet, like corn snakes and lizards....and hissing cockroaches...for some reason.

Merry Christmas, have a roach infestation.

After that and walking around some more, my work called in to let me know I was supposed to have been in about an hour ago. So I had to leave. Next time I'll make sure to double check my schedule or take time off. My work didn't really care that much they know I'm a ditz; I seem to have the same 'gift' with jobs as George Costanza did. No matter what we do we can not get fired. It is amazing the things I have gotten away with at past jobs.

There's not too much to do at the Festival besides look at the trees and see the vendors and such, but I'm glad I did it and I want to go again next year...or really this year I should say!

Edit: I just realized that the spell checker for the blog, doesn't recognize the word 'Chipotle' but does recognize the word 'Costanza'. Really blogger? Really?

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