Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have been expanding my music tastes in the nerdcore world. Today I have found out that MC Chris is not the only nerd rapper out there. Silly to think he was, but I've only ever heard of him.

Then I found MC Lars. And now I am so enamoured with MC Frontalot. I think he's so cute, I don't know why, and the way he dances when he raps is hilarious. He reminds me of some weird type of robot.

Here he is in "Original Gamer" with MC Lars. He's the one doing the father's voice.

And here is his song "Goth Girls", which I can't stop listening to.

What I do think is funny about the song Goth Girls though is the claim he makes that the goth chicas he's tried hitting on shun the nerd crowd. Which is odd if you are taking the lyrics as truth that they actually happened to him and all that. I always thought that goth and nerd went quite well together. I mean, with me and my friends really, it always seemed that you couldn't have one without the other. I've always considered myself to be both. Whatever, this goth girl would love to *pull the cobwebs from the ceiling with that nerd boy. Then after we could play Dungeons and Dragons or take turns with The Tower Of Druaga.

MC Chris is still my favorite, but I'll be damned if Frontalot isn't almost going to take his spot.

Anyway, I shall end this post on a cute ass note. Look at my friends baby pitbulls, they're one month old now. And so damn cute!

Here they are enjoying treats next to their mama Asia. She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. It's so funny, she gets kind of jealous of the attention that her puppies get, so she's always vying for pettings.

And here they are taking a nap.

I wish I had saved the pictures of them when they were only five days old. They were so tiny and looked like little furry piglets, and they squeaked. It was so adorable.

*If anyone is wondering if 'Pulling the cobwebs from the ceiling' is some sort of euphemism (and an odd and slightly disturbing one at that) it is actually a dance move. And the only one I can do, haha (not really, but yes).


  1. I haven't really gotten into Nerdcore, but that goth girls song was fantastic.

  2. Isn't it though? I think nerdcore (other than horror rap and ICP) is the only type of rap I can really get behind and enjoy, and surprisingly not feel awkward listening to.


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