Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Writing Yet, But Getting There

I’ve been mulling over in my head a….quadrilogy (Is that even a word?) of books. Well actually that’s only somewhat true. I’ve been thinking up stories for a couple of books, a book trilogy, a different quadrilogy and some comics that I’ve been wanting to create for quite some time now. My creativity with ideas can be very….overactive. It can be more annoying then useful though more often than not. Leaving me with half finished projects while thinking up of newer ones.

This one referenced in the opening sentence of this post however, has been taking up more space in my brain then usual. I’ve been procrastinating (horrible, horrible Adorably Dead!)for a bit now on writing them; but the barrage of awesome conversations between characters and scenes that has been filling my dome is now making this nigh impossible. So I believe that I will begin by creating a timeline because I am forgetful and that will help me keep track of things.

I also need to start making character sheets of sorts to flesh them out. I hate half thought out characters. At least I think that’s what they’re called. Or what the D&D nerd in me is going to call them.

I never was the sort of person that could just sit down and write, more often then not I need to organize my thoughts and plots or it all comes out jumbled and I forget 70 percent of it. That’s the reason why a good bunch of my blog posts may seem rambley. I don’t always take time to pre write them so they can get kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ like.

The only thing that’s kind of holding me back from actually sitting down and writing them other than the lack of organization is I don’t have a laptop and I loathe long hand writing. I mean loathe it. If it were a person I’d push them off a bridge with no remorse and type a letter of condolences to their family because I’m not writing that shit out. But I guess I will have to get used to it. Like a mismatched buddy comedy or whatnot.

I also just don’t know what to call the books. I want them to be four coming of age type, teen books about a group of friends and the crap they have to go through. I wonder if a series of books really needs one title to bind them together or if they can just be named different things? I mean, I do see the reasoning for having one title to let people know they’re in the same series and then the subtitles to differentiate. I know not all books do that though, I just can’t think of any examples.

I’m so very bad with titling works. Maybe I can find an online generator and just keep hitting it until it spits out something that I can alter and work with or like.

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  1. You sound like have a LOT of thoughts, so it's hard to organize and cohere them together into one neat package.

    I'd say just start writing first. Let the characters and plot come to you. Just write, write, write. I think the best stories usually aren't planned out meticulously.


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