Monday, January 24, 2011

Please Let This Happen In My Lifetime

On one of the forums I visit has been talking about the star Betelgeuse possibly going supernova sometime between the next million years and When it does that the light from the explosion will be so bright that it will look like we have a second sun for a couple of weeks with no night.

Also of course there is talk about linking it to 2012 (which I really don't believe in as far as 'ho'shit everything will end' type of way), but many of the articles I've been reading and its wiki page say that the explosion and the resulting black hole will be too far to do any harm to us (640 light years too far). However that being said, I hope to the Gods that it happens sometime next year. In fact I hope that it happens two weeks to a month before the Mayan shit in December is supposed to go down. And since it's giving us 24 hour light; I hope that on the 21st of December that the light show ends...when it should naturally be night time. The amount of freaking out people would do would be absolutely delightful. It would be like the universe itself was trolling Earth.

The joy of seeing people pee themselves notwithstanding, I've read (from third parties IE: replies by people who are way more into space and astrology and all that than I am or possibly ever could be) and been told that Betelgeuse is so far away that even the observations scientists have made of it's shrinking and impending collapse, have already happened and are now just reaching us (when I read it, it was explained so much better than that). Which means that the light will be about 600 or so years old. How awesome is that? It's like time traveling to the past and you don't even need a Deloreon or crazy garage scientist that looks like he smells of whiskey to do it.

In other acts of God, I have finally joined the ranks of those that have a Twitter account. Yes, I now tweet...and I must admit that I like it. Fellow blogger Sophia was right. It is a lot like instant messaging. I do not regret it and it seems better than using a facebook page to promote things.

It's not hard to learn how to use, although apparently you can overuse hashtags, so I now use them only when appropriate (OK, not always, but way less then the first day I joined) after reading hashtag etiquette articles. I hope no one thought I was some kind of spammer, it's just that hashtags You can stalk me @AdorablyDead1. I promise to try and be either interesting or amusing and sometimes both.

*Betelgeuse article reference:
Huffington Post Article
Mail Online Article
Discover Magazine Blog Post
If anyone is an aspiring astronomer or really smart and I got something wrong about Betelgeuse, let me know in the comments.


  1. I heard about that. It sounds really awesome. Though, regarding your time travel observation, I'd still like a Deloreon anyway. lol

    If you use too many hashtags in one tweet, it looks bad. But people use them all the time as punchlines.

  2. ohhh in one tweet, I thought in general. I am really enjoying looking up the #crapsuperpowers tweets. They are so funny.

  3. Loved the Billy Idol music. Dosen't light travel something like 186,000 miles per second. At 640 lights years, it's almost too much to contemplate.

  4. Thank you. I love Billy, I'm so stuck under a rock with a lot of my music tastes. And I agree with you, the speed of light is quite abstract when you really try to visualize it.


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