Friday, January 14, 2011

So Glad It's Tax Time

I honestly don't think that the eye exam can wait any longer. I cannot wait to get the tax money back. My glasses are so beat up, they're losing their rhinestones and constantly smudged. On top of that it's been two years since my last eye exam so... I guess the fact that I'm now just needing actually pretty good to be honest.

I have been so pleasantly surprised by how much money I now have available since I've taken up that year long personal challenge of mine. Went to Trader Joe's a couple of days ago, and forgot why I normally go on Mondays. The place was so jam packed not even the hipsters could get in. But I got to buy some new food stuffs to try so that made me happy. Like couscous, which is apparently awesome!

Or these little odd balls. Look at them. That is pasta. They look like tiny coin purses!

And this...

I didn't open it because it has frozen butter sauce or whatever it is inside. I had to buy it though after continuously reading this foodie blogger's praises of the food that is gnocchi.

And then there was this...

I never knew that you could make flour out of peanuts! I bought this more as a curiosity than anything else. Apparently you can use it like any other flour, but it has no gluten and a slight peanut taste (duh) depending on how defatted it was and how dark a roast I believe. I want to make something so badly with it, but I have no clue what right it's just taking up space in the cabinet for now.

Also, awesome accomplishment of the day. I cooked I would guess it was a stir fry?, for lunch. Put some oil in a pan, and then added onions, peppers and tofu and some soy sauce, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Nothing really fancy. I wanted so badly to use the mushrooms but...apparently my fungus grew fungus. Not fun. Lunch smelled so good that my brother, 15 year old picky eater, willingly ate some tofu (get this!) after I told him what it was.

And he didn't pull a face or spit it out. He made an 'Why this is interesting' face and considered it; even, dare I say it, liked it! Oh I am getting things done left and right and trying new things and am just on a roll this week. I also heard of some banks looking for tellers. I would love it so much if I could get a second part time job at one. This has been a most awesome week.

While I was out at Trader Joe's I hit up the Barnes and Nobles. After buying the prerequisite mangas (which if anyone is a dorkass Otaku like me, might I suggest 'Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei: The Power Of Negative Thinking'. Hilarious, dark humored read about a suicidal teacher looking for the best place to die.) a book caught my eye and begged to be bought on the way out. It was 'How To Read Literature Like A Professor' By:Thomas C. Foster. I had already ordered 'How Not To Write A Novel' By: Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman (At least I hope that's the one I ordered. I had forgotten their names and my palm pixi was in the car. Oops.) I've heard it's really funny, smart and informative.

So is Thomas Foster's. Although it is more of a learn how to read between the lines type of book. However I figured that while I work on my plots and characters for my book, learning how to read analytically couldn't hurt either. That's my theory anyway. I wish that I could take one of his classes, but he teaches in Maine I think. I can't remember. I was afraid his book would be boring, but he's very funny and keeps your attention. Not to mention that his chapters are hilariously named and pretty short and to the point with really good examples. You get what he means and you're not bogged down with 20 pages of reading.

So that was my week thus far. I hope everyone is having a damn fine week as well.


  1. I REFUSE to get peanut flour, ever, because everyone in the blog world is ga-ga over it. Ooh! Peanut with no fat! No carbs! wooooo!

    Anyway. I'm bitter. lol.

  2. But it tastes like peanuts! ...Or at least it should. I just thought it was neat, I only thought you could make peanut butter out of the nuts.

    Don't be bitter, lol. :p I know carbs are awesome. Haha. I was just all excitamitated, and very under a rock food wise it continuously seems. XD


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