Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hell No, Poe Can't Go

According to the Baltimore Sun the Edgar Allan Poe house here in Baltimore, where Poe lived for three years and wrote some of his stories and poems at, may be closing soon due to lack of funding. Baltimore officials have cut off funding to the house and museum because of budget problems. It needs to be self sufficient by 2012 or it will be no more.

The owner of the house/museum did get an offer from PETA. They were going to fund it on one condition. That the house prominently display a PETA ad. The ad would be a play on Poe's 'Telltale Heart' story. Fortunately the Committee for Historic and Architectural Preservation said it was a no go since ads are not allowed on the historic house. I say fortunately because, I don't like PETA first off, also I think such an ad would take away from the building and look tacky.

I do however hope that the owner finds some sort of funding soon or a way to keep the house open. I've always wanted to go to the Poe house. It's sad to see such a neat piece of history go away. Especially one linked to such a famous and interesting writer such as Poe. The house uses 85,000 per year to stay open, I'm not sure how they'll make it, but I hope they do.

So there you have it kiddies. If you're in Baltimore, go visit the house while it still stands.

Baltimore Sun Articles about the Poe House:
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Older Is Creeping Me Out

I went to my Grandmother's for the weekend and I've realized that growing older is starting to frighten me. You'd think this revelation would have hit earlier, but I'm starting to see more and more should I put this? Mortality of things I guess?

I'm so used to my Grandma being a very do it herself type of person and now she limps, she has bad knees, everything pops and it pains her to get up and get a glass of water from the sink in the next room sometimes. My father, from what little I see of him, is ...well, haggard looking. He also looks kind of to tannish, if that description makes sense. Then again he's been spending his past years on Florida soaking up that sun.

Even the little things. Seeing my sister now growing into a teenager, I remember when I used to bottle feed her. I've just been realizing more and more how things have changed and aged....and well...when you're so used to one way your whole life, it's creepy.

I know what you're thinking, duh A.D.! Things change. I know they do, I'm not creeped out because things have changed. It just seems that everything has changed so quickly, or rather the fact that I haven't been noticing it until now is shocking me.

Oh well, I guess it's just something that every grown child has to get used to, the fact that your relatives age too.

I'm also sorry this post is short and sucky, haha.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My First Concert

Despite the patheticness of my being 25 and never having been to one; this concert was epic. I believe that to be the only way to describe it. Escape The Fate is so great and I’m so grateful for my work wife for buying me tickets and taking me.
However, finally going to a concert taught me some things that I wish I would have known before hand.

1. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure they’re up to date.
That one should be a no brainer, but under all this ginger hair I’m a blond and didn't realize where we would be standing in relation to the stage. So while I could make out actual people and instruments and had a rudimentary knowledge of what was going on….I couldn't identify any of the band members of any of the concert’s bands.

2. If they only played 2-3 songs and there’s not a lot of lights going on and no pizazz…you’re probably still watching the opening act.
Being as I’m a new fan of Escape The Fate and had shitty glasses whose prescriptions needed to be upped, I think you can see how I was excited and yet confused when the actual band finally came on stage. (Didn't they play before? No…no they didn't)

3. Is it your first concert? You’re not ready for a mosh pit, now shut up and get upstairs.
I was very intrigued to see that there were no punching or kicking in this mosh pit on the floor. Which made me happy, but also sad because I was not in it pushing other 15 year olds around. Also there was this dude with a red mohawk who somehow became Lord of the Mosh Pit. It was very odd, at first he looked just like a regular mosh pitter, but at some point he started ordering the pit around (You two, mosh battle! ...And they did!!! And then he led them in a circle run type of thing)....I have no clue how they decided he was Pit Lord, but I would like to know how to apply for the position for the next time I’m at such a concert. Is it like being a Highlander? Do I have to battle him and win and then I can be like “I HAVE RISEN! I AM YOUR MOSH LORD!!!!” Also I have found the real reason people run marathons…and it is because of the pit. That shit looks like it takes mad endurance, so once again I’ll iterate; If you have been out of dancing and clubbing commission for a couple of years and it is your first concert….you’re not ready for the mosh pit.

4. Wear comfortable shoes.
Another that should go without saying. Standing and bopping around for 6 hours at a concert is a bad place to realize maybe you should have bought new shoes because these ones suck.

5. I seem to have a droopy the dog look to me when I’m not smiling and screaming ‘You’re awesome!’ at the band.
I learned this first when I had to sit for a second or two because my work wife’s daughter and sister both came over to me with their hands shaped like hearts to see if I was OK and said I looked sad. And also one of the bouncers by the line on our way to meet the band told me, ‘Smile, it’ll be OK.’ Granted I was nervous to meet the band there but still, I’m going to start developing a complex. This is not the first time this has been brought to my attention. When I’m trying to concentrate my facial expression either says I’m about to burst into tears or I’m pissed and I don’t know why. I don’t have good serious faces it seems.

6. Don’t fucking move.
No seriously. Are you OK? Can you see the band and stage clearly? Good. Do you need a drink or to take a piss? Too fucking bad, don’t fucking move or you will forfeit that spot forever. Think you see a better spot somewhere else? Forget about it, someone will take it when you’re on your way over there and then you’re doubly screwed, now shut up and stand there.

7. Speaking of sitting and moving around, eat something the day of the concert.
Anything. Eat anything at all. I stupidly woke up late (the sad fate of the forever nocturnal. Noon..what is that? Ha ha, is there such a time?) and had to rush to get dressed and such and ate two hot dogs before I got there….and that was it for the next 6 hours. The whole day. Not a good idea!

8. Don’t be nervous when you do get to meet the band for a signing.
You will wind up looking like a goober. However the lead singer of Escape the Fate told me I rocked so apparently I wasn’t too bad with nerding out on him. That’s a good thing at least. I tried so hard to speak in my normal voice but it came out very soft spoken like I was Lady Galadriel. Also he really seemed to like the soda tab bracelet I made and gave to him. The band was all very sweet. It’s just too bad we weren’t allowed to take pictures with them.

All in all it was a great experience. It definitely makes me wonder why the hell I waited this long and why I never listened to this awesome band before, especially when the original singer was in it (I still love you though Craig!). I got to learn of a couple of other bands, like Get Scared and Drive A, Aliceanna I believe is the name of one. They were all really great. I can not wait for my next concert, I will have new glasses by then. Also, somewhere, Craig Mabbit is wearing my bracelet tonight *geeky girl squeal!*