Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Older Is Creeping Me Out

I went to my Grandmother's for the weekend and I've realized that growing older is starting to frighten me. You'd think this revelation would have hit earlier, but I'm starting to see more and more should I put this? Mortality of things I guess?

I'm so used to my Grandma being a very do it herself type of person and now she limps, she has bad knees, everything pops and it pains her to get up and get a glass of water from the sink in the next room sometimes. My father, from what little I see of him, is ...well, haggard looking. He also looks kind of to tannish, if that description makes sense. Then again he's been spending his past years on Florida soaking up that sun.

Even the little things. Seeing my sister now growing into a teenager, I remember when I used to bottle feed her. I've just been realizing more and more how things have changed and aged....and well...when you're so used to one way your whole life, it's creepy.

I know what you're thinking, duh A.D.! Things change. I know they do, I'm not creeped out because things have changed. It just seems that everything has changed so quickly, or rather the fact that I haven't been noticing it until now is shocking me.

Oh well, I guess it's just something that every grown child has to get used to, the fact that your relatives age too.

I'm also sorry this post is short and sucky, haha.


  1. I know what you mean. My youngest nephew just turned 15 this past week. Sometimes it's a bit shocking how fast things seem to move in this life.

  2. TS- *brofists for being in the same boat*
    About-Ty Val :p lol

  3. I'm always shocked to see folks after a time gap, then adjust into the change. Marcel Proust really gets at it in the final volume of his epic novel. Mortality makes one pensive. We'll probably feel the same way if we make it to 100 or more. But meanwhile ;->

  4. Are you related to Gently and Darkly Dead?

  5. Rosie- Never heard of them. Are they bloggers?


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