Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I'll Never Be Newspaper Syndicated Or Worthy

I was reading this on Surviving The World and it made me remember a comic idea I had years ago. I was in the 12th grade and for some reason I was determined at the time to get a comic syndicated in the Baltimore at once. I was walking around Colgate and thought for sure that I had the most wonderful, completely awesome comic idea ever. That if I just hunkered down and drew a months worth of strips and started sending them to newspapers, they'd see how awesome and wonderful I was and would put me in the paper immediately. Preferably taking Cathy's place, because that bitch is annoying. "Oh I'm so fat, I'm so fat and ugly! ACK!" ...blow me.

I came up with a comic idea and I can't remember what it was called. I believe it was something close to some weird play on words about the astral plane. It was supposed to be a funny comic; if you like dark humor that is. It was about a cat that had been hit by a car and was laying in a coma on the side of the road. Because she was in a coma she had access to the astral plane or the dream world where like, 90 percent of the comic took place. Her friends were a dead carp fish who got lost on it's way to heaven in the astral world and a dog that lived next door to her owner who would visit her when he went to sleep.

Somehow I was going to mix in political commentary, slight fourth wall breaking and humor into a comic whose main story arc was about a cat in a coma on the side of the road, slowly dying if she couldn't wake herself up and if her dog friend couldn't lead her (or his) owner to her in time. Oh, and in the 'end' the cat would die. Then it was going to continue with the cat hanging with her friends in the dream world with some other just as odd story arcs thrown in. I wanted the feel of the comic to be like a morbid Calvin and Hobbes on drugs without humans.

I wrote up three scripts before tossing them and realizing no paper in their right mind would ever take up this cartoon. That maybe I should stick to making webcomics.

In the words of my then 16 year old self; "They just wouldn't get it, man..."


  1. You threw them out?! That sounds awesome! I say you start doing them up and posting them here.

  2. Yay! I have a supporter of odd comics! lol. I really should you know. And I remember the name of the comic. It was Astral's Plane. The cat's name was Astral.

  3. I always seemed to throw away all my awesome comic ideas when I was younger too. lol.

  4. That is *way* cool of a concept -- sort of like Ursula K LeGuinn's Lathe of Heaven but off the charts in a feline way . . . I dig it~~


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