Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Am I Pretty

Do you really think I'm cute/pretty/good-looking?

That is the question, and it's various forms, that I got asked today while playing my new obsession, Farkle, online by some random guy. I guess I brought it on myself, he told me some jokes; I told him he was adorkable.

I always feel awkward when people ask me that. First off, it makes the preceding statement of even the slightest admittance of attraction feel like a lie. Second, I know I have really odd tastes. I always think that if these people even knew how askew my version of fuckable or cute was, they probably wouldn't be asking me that question.

I like personalities a lot more than I do actual looks most of the time. In the end, that's what really wins me over with someone. Then again on the other hand, it sometimes seems I just have a huge hard on for the uglies. Which is why as a child I had a huge, huge crush on the Crypt Keeper.

Yes, him....

I'd like to use the Jessica Rabbit excuse, he made me laugh

Although that confession just reminded me of a self-made awkward moment on the same topic about a year ago. I was in a car with my two friends, being driven to their house. I can't remember what the fuck we were talking about, but somehow to talk gets steered to horror movies and the fact that my Chicky friend likes Micheal Meyers, or liked him, I don't know. I told her not to feel bad, I used to have a horrible, weird crush on Freddy Krueger as a kid.

The car gets really silent. All of a sudden I hear my friend from the front seat go, "...The pedophile?".

You know the movies from what I remembered never really focused on that part, so I think I should be forgiven for forgetting that minute detail. Although tell me how ironic that is for an 11 year old to have a crush on a pedophile, unintentionally.

I'm too old for him now though, guess I'll have to keep looking....but I do hear that Crypt's still single.


  1. Too funny~~ as for me, a (sometimes wildly) eclectic mix is almost always a good thing.

    My early crushes included Angelique, the evil witch on Dark Shadows, Bond "girls"
    and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. The various Cat Woman incarnations were nifty-fifty, too, come to think of it. Later Debbie Harry was also the bee's knees, and on from there.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer will always be my one and only cat woman, I even like her more than Julie Newmar.

  3. She is def catwomany, I also dig Eartha Kitt in the high camp-and-boots department (I saw hers before Michelle P's version).


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